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Breaking News: DOJ Whistleblowers Charge Assistant AG Thomas Perez with Discrimination, Retaliation

Posted by Larry Doyle on July 12, 2013 9:16 PM |

All too often, whistleblowers in our nation have found themselves ignored, intimidated, or fired.

I have welcomed highlighting the stories of many heroic whistleblowers (Peter Sivere, Mark Mensack, Gary Aguirre, Joe Sciddurlo, David Weber) who have been subjected to just such heinous treatment by the powerful and privileged.

I welcome doing so again. In a breaking press release, we learn that a number of whistleblowers from inside the Department of Justice are sounding the siren on Assistant Attorney General (and the prospective Secretary of Labor) Tom Perez.

What do the whistleblowers allege?

Treatment that any employee within any organization would deign as reason for suit, including: discrimination, retaliation, and Equal Employment Opportunity violations.

And this individual, Mr. Perez, has been nominated to be the nation’s labor leader? What is wrong with that picture?

Numerous individual employees within the DOJ have corroborated these charges. I welcome sharing the release. Please click on the document image to access the full pdf:



We can only hope that those considering Perez’ nomination for Secretary of Labor will take a prudent pause to fully investigate these charges.

Would only seem appropriate that Mr. Perez be classified under the heading: Friends Like This Who Needs Enemies.

I thank the reader who brought this story to my attention.

Navigate accordingly.

Larry Doyle

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  • Tim Favero

    I can’t say that I’m surprised, but this seems to be a pattern of behavior in the Obama administration. And while this is status quo, and privately applauded by those in the administration, (I’m sure Valerie Jarrett approves as she tells the president what to do), they will get their pundits out there to disavow all of this unless they can squash it before anyone looks at it, with the possible exception of Fox News and possibly the WSJ.

  • Mr. Doyle – thanks for getting the word out. I’ve posted a link to your blog on this at Democratic Underground.

    By the way;

    Your story title is 3 characters too large to fit in Twitter (cause it also needs 23 character spaces for the Snip URL link).

    Again – thanks (too bad we didn’t get this on Friday morning – might have gone viral).

    • LD

      Thanks for spreading the word.

      I did shorten the title so that it might be tweeted. Thank you for that prompt as well.

  • The perfect new member of Obama’s Band of Criminals. Let’s see what happens in the current Whistleblower environment. We’ll share your post on our social media.

    Thanks Larry!

  • Peter Scannell

    LD, have you read the IG’s report? It is a fascinating legal tale that began in the early 2000s in St. Paul and involved landlords trying to circumnavigate the 1968 Fair Housing Act.

  • Tim Favero

    While this is not quite under the “whistleblower” it has to do with corruption in government. Michael Madigan, the Speaker of the House in Illinois, has orchestrated the termination of the Metra CEO(Illinois Regional Transportation Authority) because the CEO refused to give a Madigan supporter a pay raise. Included on this website (Reboot Illinois) is a letter from the CEO to Metra’s board detailing what happened. It’s not surprising that Washington DC has some of the same types of scandals as Illinois as we have people of the same ilk running the federal and state governments….

  • Thanks Mr. Doyle – the initial efforts and David Weber’s going full bore might just put a quash on Perez’s nomination.

    The story (with a new title) – is starting to go viral.

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