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Terrorism in Boston

Posted by Larry Doyle on April 19, 2013 7:54 AM |

Boston, Irish, America, Notre Dame….STRONG!!!
The Fighting Irish football and softball teams will wear special helmet decals today to pay tribute to the countless victims in and around Boston. Coach Brian Kelly, a Boston native who still has family in the area, tweeted this photo on Friday.

With the scene in and around Boston remaining very fluid, let me first offer my concern for the residents of the entire area there. Stay safe.

We certainly did not need a situation such as this to make us realize that we are living in a very dangerous time. I hope that the one individual currently being hunted down is found quickly and that no more harm occurs to anybody in that process. Beyond that, I hope that we can quickly learn all of what lies behind these individuals and this situation including:   

1. Who supported them?

2. Where and how were they trained?

3. With whom did they associate?

4. Did they travel overseas to source backing, financial and otherwise, for this operation?

5. Were they known by law enforcement authorities prior to this?

6. In the process of learning information related to these questions, will this lead to others who are of like mind?

7. Might we be so fortunate that this situation is a one off never to be experienced again? We could only hope but hope is not a strategy.

We have enemies. Whether overseas or here at home, there are people out there who hate us. Prior episodes of domestic terrorism should not be underestimated but with the city of Boston and many surrounding communities in a total lockdown, we have entered into a new realm of terrorism.

I have no doubt that we will succeed in our fight but enemies within our midst present new challenges. How will America face these challenges? What does this situation mean in terms of security measures, immigration, surveillance, and other means of monitoring those who may do us harm?

Great questions.

What do people think?

Larry Doyle

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