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Terror in Boston: Photos of “Good and Evil”

Posted by Larry Doyle on April 27, 2013 6:32 AM |

The photos to which I link in this post are truly graphic in nature. I offer this note of precaution as some may find them too disturbing.

On September 11, 2001 I was working in midtown Manhattan. I will never forget the unease and anxiety that ran throughout the city that day and for months to come. The evil displayed by those who attacked our nation that day was truly horrific yet it brought out the best in us as so many reached out to help our fellow citizens.

We witnessed the same in Boston on Monday April 15th and in the days since.

Will we ever learn all of what went into the planning of those who brought such devastation to the streets of Boston that day?  Who knows, but that said, I think it is important that the power of evil is broadly shared so that we may know just how destructive it is. I also think it is even more important that the power of good is even more broadly shared so that we may know just how powerful it is.

To these ends, I share today links to photos that crossed my desk this week. I caution readers that the photos are graphic and disturbing. When I first viewed them, I saw the evil amidst the mayhem on Boylston Street in Boston.

I have since viewed them again and I see the goodness of those who literally took the shirts off their backs to help their fellow man. I thank all those who helped our fellow citizens that day and in the days since. We can and will win this fight, but let us always be on guard so that no citizen and no family might ever have to bear the burden of those impacted by evil in Boston on 4/15.

Love this country. B  Strong!!

Terror in Boston: Photos of “Good and Evil” I

Terror in Boston: Photos of “Good and Evil” II (scroll down)


  • fred


    Boston Strong! What does it mean? Rather than let the media decide for us, why don’t we decide for ourselves.

    1. A crime against any one of us is a crime against us all.

    2. Let’s seek out and hold accountible all parties involved in these atrocities, including inept public servants.

    3. Vow to never allow something like this to ever happen again.

    I heard an interview with the young man Jeff Bauman (in the photos included in this post) who lost both legs and who’s life was saved by tourniquets applied by the man in the cowboy hat Carlos Arrendondo (who had one son killed in Iraq while another committed suicide); the young man stated that prior to the bombs going off, he looked directly into the face of the bombing suspect (who was killed by police afterward) and immediately knew that something was wrong. Why didn’t law enforcers (who were in a position to do something about it), come to the same conclusion prior to the bombing?

    I also heard that the older bomber’s best (only) American “friend” had been murdered (drug related) with two other men in Waltham, MA; no one has been charged with these murders. Am I the only one seeing a connection (gang initiation/robbery-guns-money/get rid of the competition)?

    The relationship with the bomber can’t just be a coincidence, can it?

    We deserve better only if we demand better!

  • Peter Sivere


    Painful to look at in one regard. Angelic to look at in another regard. So senseless. We pray for those lost. We pray even harder for those injured with long recoveries ahead. Their strength, bravery and optimism are beyond words. They make me proud to be an American. Of all places Boston? Big Mistake. Prayers to all and thank you for showing your strength to the world. I am speechless and humbled by the heroic acts of so many. Role models for the generations to come.

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