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Let’s Go Fightin’ Irish!!

Posted by Larry Doyle on January 6, 2013 4:33 PM |

Every now and then, I like to take a sidetrack with my blog to express support for personal passions. Today is one of those days.

There is little doubt that in America circa 2013 all too many corners of our nation’s social fabric are littered with institutions and industries that compromise values and principles in pursuit of profit and victory. I will not burden you by listing off the names of individuals, companies, and other pursuits that live in this cesspool.

I will share with you the name of one institution and one team that stands out by pursuing victory while elevating its principles rather than subjugating them. What institution and what team? 

The University of Notre Dame Fightin’ Irish football team.

I am a graduate of another fine Catholic institution, that is the College of the Holy Cross. I have come to love Notre Dame over the last few years, though, given that my son is a sophomore at this fine institution in South Bend. I thank all of those at Notre Dame who give so much of themselves to see that students grow personally, academically, and spiritually.

In regard to Notre Dame football and the student-athletes on the team, I have personally inquired of my son as to how they interact with the student body at large and how they comport themselves in the classroom. My son informed me that he has had a number of classes with members of the football team and they are very engaged in the classroom and also in the dorms (no separate athletic housing at ND). Notre Dame is not only currently ranked #1 in football — and will hopefully bring home the national championship tomorrow night — but the Fightin’ Irish are ranked #1 in terms of student-athlete graduation rate.

As former Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz said just last evening, “Notre Dame has proven we can be on top without compromising one thing academically or our values.” Amen to that.

Other institutions and entities in America might care to be equally as demanding of themselves.

Go Fightin’ Irish, beat Alabama!!

Larry Doyle

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