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Pray for Newtown, Pray for Us

Posted by Larry Doyle on December 15, 2012 7:35 AM |

Please pray for the families impacted by the horrific incident in Newtown, CT yesterday. Please also pray for our nation.

I cannot begin to imagine the excruciating pain that has befallen those directly affected by this tragedy. Certainly, the pain of these families and the community at large are felt by all of us. Our thoughts and prayers go out, but there must be more than just those thoughts and prayers. As a friend shared with me yesterday:

There is no greater energy in the universe than the purity of light within the innocent child. It is the responsibility of us all to nurture and protect them from harm. Tonight, let us not mourn the loss of twenty precious young souls, but rather, let us mourn for the death of ourselves! Pledge from this moment forward to do all within your capacity and power, to make a difference, to promote positive change to make sure that their light was not dimmed in vain! That their light will shine even brighter in remembrance in ten years time as well as forever more!

Who right now is not willing to make a difference and promote positive change so the lives of these little ones and the adults as well are not lost in vain? But what about tomorrow and the next day, and next week as well? So the light that shined within these innocent children does not dim, we need to ask ourselves some very real questions, find the answers to these questions, and then fight everyday so those answers become a fabric within a civil society. Not to do so merely invites the chance, if not the likelihood, that the scene witnessed yesterday in the bucolic little village of Newtown, CT will be reenacted elsewhere.

On behalf of the families of Newtown, I ask and put forth the following:

1. Why do we pray or promote prayer only after these horrific events? Why aren’t we praying everyday to bring a real love into the world that is the only force to counteract the unspeakable evil that has become pervasive in our society?  My answer? Promote love and put forth love by embracing the power of prayer and sharing it willingly and openly. Live the love and promote the love in the course of an open and ongoing national discussion needed to help our nation heal and advance.

2. Why do we allow for the public to have access to semi-automatic weapons? I know that outlawing semi-automatic weapons will not guarantee the elimination of a scene like yesterday from occurring, but does anybody doubt that it would have lessened that chance? I am not proposing that guns be outlawed but I do believe the registration and licensing of guns should be much more rigorous. Semi-automatic weapons, though? We are supposed to be a civil society? I see no need for any individual to have access to these weapons that can do such immeasurable damage.

3. How much more do we need to see to understand and accept that there is a presence of evil in our society? When I write of the mass killings at Columbine, Virginia Tech, Fort Hood, Aurora, Newtown, Tucson, the Sikh temple in Wisconsin, are we to forget that there have been a total of 61 mass killings over the last 30 years but that six of the twelve deadliest have occurred since 2007?

In 49 of the 61 cases the gunmen obtained the weapons legally, and the majority of those weapons used were semi-automatic.

Evil is gaining traction. We need to overwhelm it with love . . . not just today and tomorrow but next week, next month, and next year. We certainly need to be more proactive in helping those with mental illness. We also need to be more proactive in promoting love within our society. What is public love? Open and mutual respect, but also an open and aggressive exposure of the presence of evil in our society. The silent majority must not be silent any longer.

Not to embrace love and expose evil would mean that the little lives in Newtown were lost in vain. Will we allow that to happen?

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” Mark 12:31

“Love one another as I have loved you.” John 15:12

Will you join the cause of promoting true love in our nation?

Go forth and navigate accordingly.

Larry Doyle

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