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Why I Am Voting for Mitt Romney

Posted by Larry Doyle on November 4, 2012 5:28 PM |

I sit here outside a branch of my town’s local library to get an internet connection having no idea when power may be restored to my neighborhood. Today was the first day we actually even had a visit from representatives of an out of state power company merely to make an assessment. Their first reaction to the disaster on my street was that the obvious oil patch from a blown transformer at the end of my driveway would be an automatic health code violation in their state.

I am not complaining about the lack of power or the oil patch (although with little trust in government agencies I will have it privately tested) knowing that many of our fellow citizens mere miles from my home are literally fighting for their very survival under very trying circumstances. Please pray for all those who are suffering and will continue to suffer from this historic storm. I personally believe that the devastation from this storm is being underreported. With another nor’easter on the way this week, I shudder to think but believe that more lives will be lost due to a lack of heat and protection.

Against this backdrop our nation will vote this Tuesday in what I strongly believe is THE MOST important election in a very, very long time.

I hope the regular readers of this blog can attest to the fact that my greatest motivation in my writing is a defiant pursuit of the truth. That simple but most prized virtue strikes me as being under perpetual assault by far too many political lightweights and their varied supporters, in the media and elsewhere, at this point in our nation’s history. As a registered Independent, a  seeker of the truth, and having written over 2000 commentaries here at Sense on Cents since the 2008 election, I feel compelled to write as to why I STRONGLY endorse Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan to lead our country. My reasons are varied and include the following:

1. ECONOMIC: while a President is ultimately responsible for making judgment calls across all segments of his administration, he counts upon the insights and advice of his closest advisors. Has anybody recently reviewed the people and profiles of those on the President’s Council of Economic Advisors? The chairman Alan Krueger is a career academician and been in place for a year. Aside from the chairman, the only single member of the CEA is Katherine Abraham, another career academic and public policy guru. If a President is charged with leading our country and defining economic policy then given the “Ivory Tower Lightweights” (yep, both of them) giving our President economic advice then there should be little surprise as to why the economy continues to limp along. Does the CEA only have two members because the President could not find more people who cared to serve or simply because he does not care to gather opinions from those in the private sector?

I have heard from many individual business people whom I would put in the great silent majority but are now speaking out loudly as to the need for real change in leadership in Washington. These business people work in big, medium, and small business. I respect them and consider them intelligent and well informed. They run businesses and hire people. Many of these individuals (Republicans, Independents, and Democrats) have told me that they feel under attack and often personally vilified by this administration. How is this impact felt? J-O-B-S!!

2. MILITARY: Is there any single group of citizens more deserving of our praise and respect than our military? I think not. Traditionally, those serving in the military have shied away from offering political support. I have received messages from personal friends and associates of current military indicating to me how much they want change in leadership in Washington. I am not surprised to learn that tomorrow more than 500 military veterans and former senior military officials  will publicly endorse Mitt Romney via a paid advertisement in a Washington based periodical. I give this endorsement serious weight. The situation is Benghazi screams for an independent investigation.

3. FAITH: I am proud to publicly acknowledge the importance of my personal faith. The foundation of my faith is love. I love our country and all its citizens. I would welcome the opportunity to help and all individuals. In fact, a driving motivation in launching this blog after the economic crisis of 2008 was to help people looking for a resource to learn what was going on in our economy, markets, and on Wall Street. I am hopeful that many have learned a lot by coming here. While love is the foundation of faith, let’s not be naive to think that faith itself does not come without commitment and responsibility. I have felt on more than one occasion that my faith and that of others has been under attack by individual policies and messages emanating from the current administration. Even during this current campaign, messages targeting specific groups have been less than subtle in form and function. I am embarrassed to think that our nation has sunk so low in our value structure  and that I have to quickly change a channel so that my soon to be 14 year old son does not get exposed to these messages. Those who would embrace and promote these messages for political purposes fail the leadership test.

I respect Mitt Romney as a man of faith. He is humble in this regard as attested in these stories that he “forgot” to tell us. Some on the other side may call this “Romnesia”.

4. RULE of LAW and VIOLATION of PROPERTY RIGHTS: while our nation rests upon many principles, in my opinion the two cornerstones of our democracy are the rule of law and property rights. Time and again over the last four years I have seen these heretofore sacrosanct principles violated with little regard. While listing the individual violations would take too long, I encourage readers to utilize those links to do just that. Those defending the current administration would maintain that the violations may have been necessary for economic purposes. I would maintain that those who believe the ends justify the means are playing with fire and that the costs of these violations are unknown and will ultimately be paid by future generations.

5. FORWARD vs BACKWARD: our current administration would have us believe that our economic crisis was a result of the Bush administration policies. Somehow they conveniently fail to address the fact that the deregulation of Wall Street occurred during the Clinton administration and that none other than Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were very near the top of the list in terms of receiving LARGE CASH CONTRIBUTIONS from their pal Franklin Raines at Fannie Mae.

I lay out these five points because I am seriously concerned that if our nation is to recover confidence and move forward we need to embrace the truth — and these points do just that — and change the dysfunctional dynamic on display in Washington currently. I cannot begin to imagine another four years of dysfunctional government as we have experienced over these past four years. What is the missing ingredient? I have referenced this point often here at Sense on Cents. We need LEADERSHIP.

I acknowledge that Barack Obama was dealt a challenging hand. I wished him the best as he took office. I hoped that all those who felt left behind would be inspired by the Obama Presidency. With all due respect, I believe President has played divisive political games in order to curry favor rather than rising above the fray and being a leader for all citizens of the United States. I do not believe he has earned another 4 years. I believe Mitt Romney can be the man to lead our nation forward for ALL OUR CITIZENS. I welcome supporting him. One final reason not to support Barack Obama.

If anybody thinks Barack Obama cleaned up and reformed Wall Street, I can give you 500 HUNDRED BILLION reasons why he has not. Those reasons are the dollar values of the scandals encompassing auction rate securities, BErnie Madoff, and Jon Corzine/MF Global. The crony capitalism has to end. I welc0me continuing that fight on even a larger platform in the months ahead.

Comments, feedback, constructive criticism always encouraged and appreciated.

Navigate accordingly….and please continue to pray for those impacted by Sandy and our nation as a whole. We need to end the polarized divisiveness that permeates Washington and our nation. Another reason to vote for Mitt Romney.

I hope you will join me in supporting Romney/Ryan 2012. Rest assured I will continue to fight for the truth regardless of who our next President is. If you like my message, please share it.

Please pardon my typos. Sitting in a parking lot is not exactly conducive to accurate typing.
Larry Doyle

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