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UPDATE: Why Did Obama Win?

Posted by Larry Doyle on November 8, 2012 9:29 AM |

UPDATE: While I am traveling today I do want to thank everybody who has commented on this article. I fully appreciate I touch a third rail with this article. America needs to start touching third rails on these topics. The response has been strong and that was my hope. 

I want to specifically highlight an exchange I had with a reader named Dennis. Do people appreciate the fact that single parent birth rates have increased by 250% over the last few decades? Do people appreciate that there is an approximate 70% correlation between single parent births and the following: rates of incarceration, substance/alcohol abuse, assaults, high school dropouts, childhood obesity, teen pregnancy. What does that indicate to me? A spiraling and perpetuation of a cycle of poverty, especially in our cities.

I hope this commentary brings attention to the issue so it can become part of a widespread PUBLIC DEBATE/DISCUSSION. Dennis inquired as to what I might suggest as a solution to these issues.

I responded that first and foremost, we need to expose these realities so they are not conveniently kept under the rug. From there, let’s begin by garnishing the wages of those fathers who bring children into the world and do not take responsibility for them. I like that as a start. Do readers think that may begin to change behaviors? I do. Strikes me as “sense on cents’ in action. What do others think? 


With the dust having settled on the election (and another storm here in the northeast having left its mark) the question begs, “why did President Obama win?”  Paid political pundits will proffer a whole host of reasons for Obama’s victory. Why? That is what they do and they need to keep their viewers and readers engaged so they can pay their bills.

Let me put forth the reason that I believe why Obama won. I am fairly certain that you will not hear my reason for Obama’s victory on many other outlets and certainly not the mainstream. Many may view my reason for Obama’s victory as politically incorrect. Well, too bad. Political correctness is not a measure by which I write. I simply care to find and promote THE TRUTH.  

The Obama campaign early on and consistently throughout the process targeted select demographic groups as being the keys to victory. Which groups? Single women and Hispanics. The support for Obama within the African American community was largely a given.

What is the common thread among these groups? Single parent families. With over 40% of newborns now entering our country to single parents, that is a LARGE demographic. Within the Hispanic population, 50+ per cent of newborns reside with a single parent. In excess of 70+ per cent of new born African Americans do not have the benefit of being raised in a two parent family.

How did this play in the polls? With all due respect to parents across EVERY ethic class who work so hard to raise their children, these demographic groups were the difference between victory and defeat this past Tuesday. Why did these groups support Obama so strongly? Uncle Sam —or dare I say, Uncle Barack — is taking the place of dear ol’ Dad.

Why are SO many throughout our country so concerned about that prospect? The redistribution of wealth to Uncle Barack for him to support his constituencies serves as an enormous drag on the economic engine that drives our nation forward.

The reason for concern, though, strikes me as far deeper than just that. What is the concern?

Uncle Barack can not possibly stand in for Dad when there is a problem with the math homework.

Uncle Barack can not possibly stand in for Dad when the young son or daughter has a question about history let alone about values and morals.

Uncle Barack can not possibly stand in when the young boy is enticed to join a gang or engage in premarital sex that inevitably perpetuates the cycle of single parent births.

Uncle Barack can not possibly stand in for Dad when the young boy or girl wants to learn how to properly throw a ball.

Many may care to deride my commentary. I hope they will know that I deeply care about every single child in this country. Uncle Barack may have won re-election with the support of these demographic groups but unless and until the fathers and mothers of these children begin to understand and accept the responsibilities of bringing a child into this world and the necessity to promote two parent families, the future of America will be severely challenged.

Our fearful political lightweights do not dare touch this issue. Nor does our gutless media.

I pray for the future of our nation everyday but I am not so blind and naive to know that families and parents in America are literally under perpetual assault.

Please do not give up the fight to defend families and the morals and values needed for them to thrive. I welcome being part of the solution for America’s future. That said, a solution can only be achieved if the problem is properly exposed and defined. I believe strongly my commentary today and prior commentaries referenced below define it.

Keep fighting for families. Yes, the very future of America depends on it. The future of the Republican Party also needs to figure out how to engage these demographic groups so Uncle Barack is not viewed as a savior.

Navigate accordingly.

Questions, comments, feedback encouraged and appreciated.

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Larry Doyle

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