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Waiting for a Bitch Named Sandy

Posted by Larry Doyle on October 29, 2012 8:02 AM |

As I sit here this morning waiting for an unwelcome visit from a bitch named Sandy, winds are picking up outside but overall there is an eerie sense of silence.

The storm is expected to make landfall later tonight in southern New Jersey but she has a wingspan that runs from the lower Mid-Atlantic all the way throughout New England. As such, this bitch is being compared to The Great Hurricane of 1938.

That storm, also known as The Long Island Express, devastated coastal communities due to an unprecedented storm surge. This bitch is forecast to have a storm surge along Long Island, Metro New York City, and southern Connecticut of potentially 11 feet, which would be comparable to that seen back in ’38 and approximately three times greater than the surge experienced by Hurricane Irene in 2011.

The winds from Sandy are not forecast to be as strong as those experienced back in 1938. We hope the winds miraculously die down and spare us even greater devastation. That said, sustained winds of 80 mph certainly can pack a wallop and cause tremendous destruction.

Lower Manhattan and coastal communities are under evacuation orders. The NYSE is closed today and I would expect it will be tomorrow as well. What might happen with the New York City subway system and power grid in the face of massive flooding is anybody’s guess.

In terms of our Presidential election, Sandy will certainly dampen early voting and likely overall turnout. The election is clearly important for our future but currently is off the radar screen and runs a distant second place to the safety and well being of our fellow citizens impacted by Sandy.

Please offer a prayer and a blessing for everybody up and down the eastern seaboard.

Larry Doyle

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I have no affiliation or business interest with any entity referenced in this commentary. The opinions expressed are my own. I am a proponent of real transparency within our markets so that investor confidence and investor protection can be achieved.


  • LD

    For those in the state of Connecticut,

    ‪Connecticut Insurance Commissioner Thomas Leonardi today announced that the Insurance Department’s “Sandy” resource page on the Department Web site has a listing of toll-free claims phone numbers for dozens of insurance companies for their policyholders to use in the event of a claim.

    The list at will be updated frequently with additional numbers.

    The “Sandy” resource page will also have a listing of the locations of mobile claims vans when they become available.

    The Department offers the following tips for filing a claim:

    Keep your important insurance documents in a safe place
    Contact your insurer as soon as possible
    Take photos of the damage
    DO NOT make permanent repairs until your insurer has inspected the property
    Keep a diary of all contact, conversations with your insurer
    If you can still live in the home, talk with your agent about critical repairs that need to be made. Whether you make the repairs or hire someone, save the receipts for your claim.
    If you need to find other lodging because of damage to your home, keep records of expenses and all receipts. Homeowners and renter’s insurance generally provide limited coverage for expenses like: meals, rent, utility installation and transportation.

    Please consider sharing this message

  • fred

    Let us go from this moment loving God so much that we love nothing else too much. Lord hear our prayer.

    Let us go from this moment fearing God just enough, that we need fear nothing else at all. Lord hear our prayer.


    Taken from a benediction offered by Rev Nancy S. Taylor, Old South Church, Boston.

  • Scott

    Hurricane Sandy will have direct impacts on the Northeast U.S. this week, and I wanted to make sure you had the following numbers and contact information.

    Dial the free Info Line 211 ( for food, energy, housing, transportation, or shelter information.

    CL & P: 860-286-2000

    Sign up for Emergency Alerts here:
    For a helpful storm preparedness checklist, click here

    Other Useful Links:

    Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security:
    Connecticut American Red Cross:
    National Weather Service:

  • Jack
  • LD

    Sense on Cents will return but for now I am cleaning up after this apocalyptic type storm My prayers and best wishes go out to everybody impacted by this historic storm. Navigate very carefully out there

  • Randee

    I am safely ensconced far away from the anger of Sandy. I do firmly believe that this storm was divine intervention. God was showing the wrath he feels for the upper northeast and the liberal abortionists. Hopefully those affected take heed and learn from this.

    • fred


      On the flip side, this storm may just hand the election to Obama, the leader of the “liberal abortionists”.

      Rather than covering the huge dealer inventory builds at GM that have artifically pumped up GDP/Employment or the continuing Benghazi coverup, the national news outlets have been able to focus on the storm’s aftermath, Obama’s “crisis leadership” skills and Gov Christie’s “ass kissing” of Obama (for Fed $$).

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