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The Second 2012 Presidential Debate: Open Forum

Posted by Larry Doyle on October 17, 2012 7:28 AM |

What did you think of the second 2012 Presidential debate? Would certainly seem to be no real love lost between the candidates. I am not even sure they truly respect each other. How about the moderator, Candy Crowley? How did she do?

The questions covered the following topics:

1. Employment situation in general and for college graduates specifically.

2. Energy

3. Governor Romney’s tax plan specifically and the economy at large. 

4. Inequalities in the workplace specifically regarding women. Also discussed women’s issues, specifically the funding of contraception.

5. How does Mitt Romney differ from George W. Bush.

6. What has President Obama done to earn a former supporter but currently undecided’s vote.

7. Immigration in general and how candidates would deal with immigrants living in America without green cards.

8. How the terrorist attack in Benghazi was handled. Who denied the enhanced security and why?
(I am particularly interested in what readers think of President Obama’s assertion that he acknowledged the attack was a terrorist event while speaking in The Rose Garden on September 12th) 

9. What has the Obama administration done to limit the availability of assault weapons such as AK-47s.

10. What plans do candidates have to keep jobs here in America.

11. What is the biggest misperception Americans have about each candidate.

With the temps rising in the town hall and the days until November 6th growing fewer, what do readers think of last night’s “donnybrook” and the race overall? Is your mind made up as to whom you will support?

We had strong feedback after the first debate a few weeks back. Please let us know what you think.

For those interested, here is a complete transcript of the debate.

Larry Doyle

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