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The Second 2012 Presidential Debate: Open Forum

Posted by Larry Doyle on October 17, 2012 7:28 AM |

What did you think of the second 2012 Presidential debate? Would certainly seem to be no real love lost between the candidates. I am not even sure they truly respect each other. How about the moderator, Candy Crowley? How did she do?

The questions covered the following topics:

1. Employment situation in general and for college graduates specifically.

2. Energy

3. Governor Romney’s tax plan specifically and the economy at large. 

4. Inequalities in the workplace specifically regarding women. Also discussed women’s issues, specifically the funding of contraception.

5. How does Mitt Romney differ from George W. Bush.

6. What has President Obama done to earn a former supporter but currently undecided’s vote.

7. Immigration in general and how candidates would deal with immigrants living in America without green cards.

8. How the terrorist attack in Benghazi was handled. Who denied the enhanced security and why?
(I am particularly interested in what readers think of President Obama’s assertion that he acknowledged the attack was a terrorist event while speaking in The Rose Garden on September 12th) 

9. What has the Obama administration done to limit the availability of assault weapons such as AK-47s.

10. What plans do candidates have to keep jobs here in America.

11. What is the biggest misperception Americans have about each candidate.

With the temps rising in the town hall and the days until November 6th growing fewer, what do readers think of last night’s “donnybrook” and the race overall? Is your mind made up as to whom you will support?

We had strong feedback after the first debate a few weeks back. Please let us know what you think.

For those interested, here is a complete transcript of the debate.

Larry Doyle

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  • Andrew

    Not one mention of “Quantitative Easing” or the Fed. If Romney had mentioned this as a major reason for gas prices being higher, most eyes in the room would have glazed over. I would have liked to hear Obama’s response to “In your best professorial voice, please explain “QE” and do you agree with it as a policy.”

  • fred

    I was a little disappointed with Romney’s performance, I thought he had clear openings to score more points with issues in the Middle East, gas prices, the national debt, the 47% comment, the GM bailout, gov’t job creation and failed green energy initiatives by this administration.

    Romney grade = B

    Again, as in the first debate, I was not impressed by Obama but for different reasons. Since when does being more aggressive mean you won the debate? More times than not, his followups were add ons to Romney’s response, for example in his first response to the AK4 issue he didn’t even mention education and family and when addressing demestic energy production, he clearly lied when talking about issued permits. Come on BO, why don’t you just admit your a “greenie” and that you have no problem with higher gas prices because it promotes your agenda, I’d have more respect for you.

    Obama grade = B-

    As to the moderator, I’m still scratching my headover over her Benghazi comments. The moderator should have known that saying something is an an act of terror is not the same as a terrorist sponsored attack. As an example, in domestic violence situations a spouse might terrorize their partner but that does not mean they are not card carrying terrorists. Reminded me of the Clinton comment, “I did not have sexual relations with that women”.

    Crowley Grade = C-

    I would also like to have seen equal time given in a rebuttal opportunity when a candidate goes over their time allowance. With the questions (good, non biased, questions) coming from the audience, the only purpose of the moderator last night should have been to enforce the time clock. A 10% difference in speaking time is quite large when questions are comming from the audience.

    Audience Grade = A-

  • crusader

    Michelle Obama leading the applause, against teh rules, when Candy Cowley incorrectly stepped in to bail out Obama’s misstatement on Libya: = Audience/Michelle Obama C-

    • fred

      you got me, my grade was based on the audience members asking the questions only. There were times of inappropriate biased reactions from the audience.

      Audience (Questions) = A-
      Audience (Dem bias) = C
      Audience (Averall) = B

  • Tom

    If our President believes that he asserted the attack in Benghazi was an act of terror on September 12th, then why did he and so many others within his administration continue to try to deflect attention by pointing to the video.

    The next debate will surely have fireworks when it comes to this topic.

    In regard to President Obama, I think most Americans know that he is/was more concerned with his image and playing politics with this attack than being straight with the nation.

    This will continue to hurt him in a big way.

  • PLC

    OB seemed desperate and pitiful at times, when he jumped in to add his 2 cents when Romney was speaking. Which I felt he was only doing for the sake of interrupting; to seem more aggressive and “awake” than the previous debate.

  • Cindy

    Regardless of the debate platform, I felt that Mitt Romney was very disrespectful to the President of the United States of America! I was disgusted. Also, I think that there should be an automatic timer for each comment that will shut the microphone off when the time expires. That will press the candidates to get to the point in the allotted time, and prevent interruptions which if find more annoying and distracting!!! Just my humble opinion!

  • Could these questions be anymore lame? We are in the midst of a financial force majeure, a meltdown of our economy. Foreclosures, evictions and deficiency abound – affecting over 84 million American homeowners with defective loan products, fraudulent LIBOR rates, loss of equity, loss of pension funds and TRILLION$ of dollars gambled away in the world’s largest unregulated securitization Ponzi scheme creating massive debt and TRILLION$ more in bank bailouts…and they are asking if “the Drug War is winnable?”!

    I can answer that – never – as long as you feed the banks with TRILLION$ of taxpayer money aiding and betting the cartel to continue their money laundering. Who writes the questions for these softball debates?!

  • Bill

    Obama is a real gem. He actually believes the filth that spews from his mouth.

  • Rick

    During the debate last night, when the subject of Benghazi was brought up, Mitt said that the President didn’t admit that there was a terror attack for some time after the event. Obama countered that he did stating that he said so in the Rose Garden the very next day.

    When Mitt disputed the point, the President said he wasn’t correct and Ms. Crowley interjected that she believed the President was right.

    The President then cockily gestured to Crowley to read the transcript, which she then did and the snippet she used did indeed contain the word ‘terrorism’. But it was used in a general way, not specific to this event.That wasn’t clear without the context of the words around it which were omitted.

    Lost in the shuffle though……….

    How did the President know she had the transcript?

    Unless, of course, someone provided it. The President’s people possibly? And of course he wouldn’t have invited her to use it if he wasn’t sure that she had agreed to……wouldn’t have looked to good if she didn’t have the ‘transcript’……….

    Seems so obvious to me and I’m just a publisher of a weekly …I waited all day to see or read about this, but now I have to comment…. How come these other guys don’t get it….?

    And then there is the question selection. Equal pay? AK 47’s? As opposed to specific deficit questions or something on working with people in Congress to derive those ‘specifics’ that the President is so intent on hearing about …..

    • Annie

      Excellent point on the transcript issue!

  • Barbara

    Hi Larry,

    Regarding the second debate, I agree with your description of no real love lost between the candidates.

    Romney comes across strong when he emphasizes trickle down government does not work. I hope he reiterates that statement more in the next debate. Obama seemed to use story telling many times as a way to evade answering.

    I did not appreciate Candy Crowley chiming in often and assisting Obama but cutting Romney off. She seemed very one-sided toward Obama.

    I remember hearing Obama’s speech on Sept. 12 regarding the attack on our Libyan ambassador and getting the impression they were killed by unruly demonstrators, rather than terrorists. In the transcript of Sept. 12, Obama mentions terrorists towards the end of his speech and it’s nebulous as to what he is referring to, the 9/11 attack or what? The unclarity of which entity attacked was left that way for several weeks.

  • Annie

    A hot topic for the left is Romney’s comment on flexible schedules. They say he knows that women need to have flex schedules so they can “go home and cook dinner.” Some women have commented that they don’t know any women who would benefit from a flexible schedule.

    I was once a single mother running my own small business and I was the only one there to cook those dinners…, I understood completely what he was saying.

    My daughter and her husband are working opposite shifts to be able to raise their own children. She works in a job that is far beneath her education level, because they are more flexible. Don’t these people realize that that is one of those things that help along the “72 cents for every dollar a man earns”?

    I, personally, cheered when Romney said that.

    I agree completely with Barbara about no love lost, and Candy Crowley, so I don’t need to add anything, except I think she will go down in history as one of the worst moderators.

  • Peter Watts

    As per Catch 22, anyone who wants the job, should be disbarred from getting it. Notwithstanding, as a foreigner, it has long appeared to me that the calibre of candidates for the job is not high, and I am not just referring to Messrs Obama and Romney. Maybe those who have qualities to do the job well, realise that it is a poisoned chalice.

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