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What’s It All Mean? Disgust Not Distrust

Posted by Larry Doyle on September 13, 2012 8:56 AM |

America, September 2012

What’s it all mean?

That age old question is often used in rhetorical fashion during times of real stress and uncertainty. Is there any question that our nation is facing just such a period right now? Why so much stress and uncertainty?

Well, there are the obvious answers revolving around our economic problems. America today faces a massive fiscal deficit. As large as that deficit is, I firmly believe that our nation faces a much larger deficit within a much larger realm.

What type of deficit?

An integrity deficit. How so?

I do not know about you but I find myself on a regular basis seriously questioning the integrity of so many people and so much data across such a large swath of our economic, political, and social landscape. I am not cynical by nature but I am becoming increasingly concerned for our nation and its future. Why? Where is the truth in America? Who seeks the truth? Who promotes the truth? Who demands the truth? Who delivers the truth?

I find myself regularly dismissing economic reports in part or in totality as those disseminating the information skew the data if not outright change the manner in which it is collected and/or reported.

I find myself regularly dismissing political reports often from both sides of the aisle as those posturing are seemingly driven to bias the reality of situations for their own gain and with little regard for what is actually true.

I find myself dismissing almost all of what is reported by mainstream media as so much drivel delivered to maintain and/or promote a real political bias. Who are the real journalists in America today?

Instead of people involved in so many situations simply finding and delivering the truth, I continually witness people reporting on “what the truth supposedly means” and believing that is more important and necessary than merely “what the truth is.” The result is a perpetual assault on the truth to the point now where the truth is hardly identifiable.

Is the integrity deficit in America circa 2012 any greater than at other points in our history? That is open to debate. Perhaps the development of the internet has so influenced the manner in which our news is processed and disseminated as to increase the circumspect nature of Americans today. Perhaps. That said, I ask you, the readers of this blog, to what extent do you trust what you read, hear, and see reported across the aforementioned spectrum. Do you have the same exceptionally heightened level of distrust as I do?

I made this point to an individual with whom I was speaking just yesterday. His response caused me to pause and think if America is actually entering into an entirely new phase of our current economic and political crisis. What did this individual tell me?

He offered that America is past the point of maximum distrust and has now entered into a phase of total disgust with so much and so many that come our way on a daily basis. Wow. Very interesting. I think he is right. I find myself disgusted on so many fronts YET I remain determined to promote the values and integrity which I view as critical to long term success.

Why has the integrity deficit exploded in America? A lack of leadership. America needs real leaders and real leadership across all parts of our national landscape.

I ask you. Who are America’s real financial and economic leaders? Political leaders? Journalists and media? I know we have some but they are all too often drowned out by the clanging of noise from the charlatans in the crowd. Are we supposed to resign ourselves to the current reality?

Do you agree/disagree? Whom do you trust? Whom do you look toward as leaders in our nation today?

Larry Doyle

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I have no affiliation or business interest with any entity referenced in this commentary. The opinions expressed are my own. I am a proponent of real transparency within our markets so that investor confidence and investor protection can be achieved.


  • David T

    In response to your questions “Where is the truth in America? Who seeks the truth? Who promotes the truth? Who demands the truth? Who delivers the truth?,” I would add another: who spins the truth?

    Like you, I am not naturally skeptical, but have come to the conclusion that an old saw about lawyers holds more truth in reference to politicians: how can you tell when a politician is lying? When his(her) lips are moving.

    I hold the press in equally high esteem. It almost doesn’t matter whether Romney wins or Obama wins. Nothing will change for the bottom 99% of us. The only difference will be in how we get screwed, not in whether we get screwed.

    I’d say disgust is a pretty accurate description. DT

  • JoeyB

    Disgusted, yes. I generally disregard mainstream media as fantasy, yet keep my ears, eyes, and mind open to the underlying truths being presented. In most cases I think the truth is simply reversed, while more of it requires a putting together of pieces that, to be honest, I hardly see anyone I know doing these days. Everyone needs to open their minds (and hearts) when finding credible sources.

  • Brewster

    There is human truth. Each one of us defines it. There is God’s truth. He defines it completely in his word, the Bible. Here we can read what happens to nations that leave His truth behind, and it is not pretty.

    Those of us that insist on subscribing to His truth really notice others that don’t. It is painful to all, and it appears to be increasing. I say appears because I don’t really know for sure about today versus many years ago. The Bible also shows us what happens to a nation that is led by good leaders – there is peace and prosperity amongst other good things.

    Trust is a big word, and it is a declining feature of North America. Individually, we can protect ourselves from the turmoil to a degree (owning such assets as yellow, not paper, gold and arable land). But the future does not look promising whatsoever with our current leaders, just as you say.

    We can however lead our own families and we must.

  • JP

    Dear Mr. Doyle,
    I don’t think it’s a lack of leadership; but a lack of leadership of integrity. I guess this is where “trickle down” works.

    The American public are so continually lambasted with incredible crimes committed by people in power (business and government) with no negative consequences for them, for which we pay dearly (corruption is very costly).

    Yet a simple innocuous act can get your government all over you.

    We have known for a long time that the system is set up to coddle, protect, and enable the connected and the connectors. We’ve seen the system destroy what we’ve worked a lifetime for after you played by the rules, paid your loans and bills, and treated your employees with dignity. The model for a secure life is a trap.

    Small businesses and other “regular” working people get beaten by government constantly in all its forms. Most products you buy fall apart before you’ve use them twice. The system is set up to force you to pay more for something than was originally represented. Service people treat customers like door mats.

    People believe that the only way to get ahead is to “game” the system the best you can. But if you can’t bring yourself to function that way, you will be penalized.

    Good faith is punished for going above and beyond for their customers, their neighbors, and so forth. Even churches are chronically dubious. It is enough to drive one mad. Truthfully, I’ve only just gotten started.

    Where have you been hiding? I want to go there.

    And thanks for the soapbox.

    • LD


      I would define real leadership as requiring a prerequisite of real integrity.

      I find myself agreeing with almost all of what you write but I get the sense that you think the behaviors described by you below are relegated primarily to one side of the political aisle.

      Is that true?

      I have written at length on what I describe as the Wall Street – Washington Incest and am happy to link to all my work if you were to care to peruse it. Believe me, both parties have their hands deep into the payoff jar. We all have paid and continue to pay a very dear price for the crony capitalism that has infiltrated our nation.

      Where have I been hiding?

      I have been in the public domain writing aggressively for almost 4 years on these topics.

      Thanks for writing.

      • JP

        Dear Mr. Doyle,

        I see no difference between the 2 parties and their lack of integrity, and it is not just Congress (by a long shot). All the governmental agencies are bleeding sites. Furthermore, it would be foolish, to think of one party, apart from all else, as pure.

        I believe there are a few respectable ones on both sides of the tent. But the level of stealing and gaming is so enormous that it is probably reasonable to think we would have little or no obscene debt if the party stopped.

        Thanks very much.

  • Jeffrey Craig

    Larry: This piece resonated with me more than anything I have read anywhere in the recent past. I can’t add to or comment on, what you said because it is the truth. I wish it were not so, but it is. Phonies and idiots abound. You can thank television, specifically cable television for dumbing down the nation.

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