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Sense on Cents Will Be Back

Posted by Larry Doyle on August 24, 2012 5:13 AM |

I guess I could address another in a long line of financial scandal or another rendition of “kick the can”. I think I will defer. As with any effort, there is always a benefit to pause and reflect. So on that note, I will do just that and return to regular commentary after Labor Day.

Perhaps those who enjoy coming to Sense on Cents might care to navigate the site and peruse the extensive links and resources, which I find to be of real value in my own personal pursuit of the truth.

As I take pause and reflect, I hope you can do the same. To that end and while we endure what some may deem the normal hand to hand political combat of another Presidential campaign, I hope this 4-minute video might be able to provide some semblance of perspective.

How would people regardless of political affiliation respond today to the wisdom imbued in this brief clip? I welcome sharing this as I believe America could use more than just a little of this message at this point in our nation’s history.

Navigate accordingly.

Larry Doyle

  • Karen

    Have a well earned reprieve

  • coe

    Message was dark? Could it be the actual message intended? Enjoy the rest of the summer, LD

  • Peter S.

    Hurry back LD.

    SEC Commissioner Luis Aguilar, the former legal counsel of Invesco during the years market-timing mutual funds robbed mom, pop, and baby (college savings plans), has single handedly attempted to block an enforcement action against the mutual fund industry’s “independent” board directors. Aguilar’s failing to support mutual fund money market is purposeful – not for protecting investors, purposeful for protect the mutual fund industry. Under Aguilar’s watch at Invesco, the fraud was rampant. We all know now, that many, including the SEC, knew the fraud had been going on for decades! Aguilar resigned from Invesco right before the proverbial shit hit the fan. Invesco settle with the SEC for over $450,000,000.

    Having played a pivotal role exposing the market-timing fraud with my first whistle-blowing, (the fraud is that management and board “independent “directors knew and did nothing inform mutual shareholders that 1%-2% of their profit and principle invested in an infected fund were being siphoned off to influential shareholders each and every year), I remain relentless making my second whistle-blowing know to all.

    My second whistle-blowing is as important as my first.

    Mr. Stephen M. Cutler, the SEC top cover-up cop at the time, and now legal counsel for JP Morgan Chase, obstructed justice in March of 2009 with his sworn false testimony in an SEC OIG investigation in the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Boston.

    LD, though we seem to be at odds in the political arena, I know we are both steadfast in our loathing of liars and cheats in the financial world. That is the reason I gravitated to Sense on Cents. You are well aware of the “sinister betrayal” I have brought to light and that cannot be defended. My second whistle-blowing has cost me everything – yet because of the loathsome and utterly repugnant nature of the crime I have uncovered, and knowing that many involved are allowed to slink about undetected in extraordinary positions of trust in the financial industry, I take aim.

    I am locked and loaded.

    Hells bells.

  • Peter S.

    “Regulator’s Key Role in Failed Mutual Fund Reforms” New York Times

    “Sec member’s vote doesn’t match image” Boston Globe.

    The presumption that image can mask one’s true intentions is the primary tool of every major swindler this nation has been victimized by this past decade– the only thing that has changed, thanks to Madoff, is the public now knows that NO ONE SHOULD BEYOND THE REPROACH OF SEC ENFORCEMENT EFFORTS!

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