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Erskine Bowles on Paul Ryan: “Guy Is Amazing”

Posted by Larry Doyle on August 14, 2012 6:23 PM |

Virtually every credible politician from both sides of the aisle points to the Simpson-Bowles plan as the blueprint for bringing real fiscal sanity back to America.

With America sinking deeper into economic depression if not depravity,  plenty of politicians from both camps have made long careers out of “playing politics” with little sense of real caring or sanity. Little has been solved in Washington and America has suffered tremendously in the process.

Having tried to be largely apolitical here at Sense on Cents, I felt so strongly about the selection of Paul Ryan as the Vice-Presidential selection on the Republican ticket that I felt compelled to voice my enormous support of Ryan and by extension Mitt Romney. 

With Erskine Bowles owning the imprimatur as America’s conscientious fiscal practitioner, perhaps we may care to listen to a short clip as to what the good “doctor” had to say last fall about a Congressman from Wisconsin. By the way, Bowles is a former Chief of Staff in the Clinton administration and ran as a Democrat for the U.S. Senate from North Carolina.

Is Paul Ryan a likable individual but truly a radical? Well, would that make Bowles a radical as well?  But he is the author of our nation’s plan for fiscal sanity. Listen to Bowles compare the budget put forth by Ryan and the budget put forth by somebody else. Leadership? The greatest need in our country is leadership. Listen to Bowles.

Game changer.

Larry Doyle

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I have no affiliation or business interest with any entity referenced in this commentary. The opinions expressed are my own. I am a proponent of real transparency within our markets so that investor confidence and investor protection can be achieved.


  • ed pefferman

    Larry, shame on you…. are you trying to demagogue this
    Erskine Bowles article.
    Erskine has said some positive things about Paul Ryans budget plan. Erskine is a Democrat that tries to work with both sides of the isle. The problem with this line of thought is that it is the Romney Budget that would get adopted. Do you know what Erskine Bowles thinks of Romneys budget? I quote,
    “As a businessman with real respect and appreciation for Mitt Remneys business career, I plead with one member to another: you must have a balanced plan that reforms the tax code in a progressive, pro growth manner and producees additional revenue if you are serious about reducing the deficit by at least 4 trillion without disrupting this countrys fragil economic recovery and hurting the disavantaged.”
    In addition,when Mr Romney said that his tax reform was very similiar to Simpson Bowles……Bowles said “How I wish it were true”
    Your lossing your perspective…Larry to much hype
    Quotes were from article titled “Erskine Bowles be our next
    Treasury Secrerar”

    • fred


      If Erskine Bowles were to be the next Treasury Sec it wouldn’t be under Romney. You don’t think there’s a hint of party politics in his comments about Romney’s budget, the then, declared Republican candidate for President.

      I would tend to believe his comments about Ryan’s budget because Ryan wasn’t the Republican nominee for Vice President at the time of Bowles comments.

      To be sure Mr. Bowles is probably “holed-up” right now trying somehow to “rephrase” his positive comments toward Ryan’s budget w/o losing credibility.

      Reminds me of something a friend once said, “take whatever he says and divide by two”. When it comes to party politics around election time, we may have to divide by ten.

  • ed pefferman

    “This Guy is Amazing” yes,…. and so is Evil Kneivel.
    Larry, this is a guy that gets his inspiration from a
    Soviet philosopher who tells him how to think about his
    own economic system. If Paul Ryan needs a Soviet philospher to guide him, he is one pathetic excuse for a Congresman.


  • ed pefferman

    Youv’e got quite an imagination, is this how you usually
    get your “facts” to post on blogs.
    Erskine Bowles would be the Treasury Sec. that would
    replace Mr.Geithnar the current Treasury Secretary.
    He woundn’t be Romneys Treasurer because Romney won’t
    get elected, and because he’s a Democrat.
    That was the point of the article.


    • fred


      While preoccupied defending your bias, you missed the point of my comment.

      I am not without fault but I try not to revert to name calling, it seems childish and “too much like a liberal” for a moderate conservative like me.

      Ed, there are three concepts I’d like to introduce you to however, “Spell Check” and the Sense on Cents “Preview” and “Reply” buttons.

      In the future, try staying on point, you might have something to add to the discussion!

  • ed pefferman

    Are you part of the Larry Dole tag team?


  • ed pefferman

    Larry Dole,
    Stick with business on your site…..your way out of your league in politics.

    Ed, signing off for good

    • LD


      Sorry to see you go but please allow me to give you something as you leave…

      America’s Unspoken Crisis

      We’ll leave the light on…

  • Small BD

    After a brief check of Congressmen Ryan’s website (most specifically his sponsored & co-sponsored legislation), my tentative feeling is that there is more hype than substance. I have not checked his voting record or anything like that (who has the time, anyway?).

    He has co-sponsored a fair amount of legislation along the ‘right-to-life’ line (i.e. ‘Sanctity of Human Life Act’), as well as the ‘Pro Football Hall of Fame Commemerative Coin Act’. There were some co-sponsored pieces that I found commendable pertaining to human rights and the ‘Repeal of Obamacare Act’.

    Overall, I do not find much that is objectionable. But I do not understand some of the hype; except maybe from ‘Right-to-Life’ groups (based on his actual voting / sponsorship).

  • Larry

    Interesting comments on Ryan. Not a fan myself, but its ok to agree to disagree.

    I might suggest you look at the New Yorker, August 6, “Fussbudget” by Ryan Lizza. The author documents how Ryan worked behind the scenes to discredit Simpson-Bowles.

    Just a thought.

    • LD


      It is healthy to disagree and engage in meaningful debate and dialogue at the same time. I hope my blog adds some substance on that front. One of the reasons I like Ryan is for the very simple reason that he pushes the envelope with ideas rather than merely following the crowd.

      Thanks for pointing out to me the article in the New Yorker.

      • Larry

        Thanks, thats how I look at it. Healthy discussions, on both sides, at a reasonable volume without slurs, name calling and personal attacks is something this country desperately needs, and sadly lacks.

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