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Erskine Bowles on Paul Ryan: “Guy Is Amazing”

Posted by Larry Doyle on August 14, 2012 6:23 PM |

Virtually every credible politician from both sides of the aisle points to the Simpson-Bowles plan as the blueprint for bringing real fiscal sanity back to America.

With America sinking deeper into economic depression if not depravity,  plenty of politicians from both camps have made long careers out of “playing politics” with little sense of real caring or sanity. Little has been solved in Washington and America has suffered tremendously in the process.

Having tried to be largely apolitical here at Sense on Cents, I felt so strongly about the selection of Paul Ryan as the Vice-Presidential selection on the Republican ticket that I felt compelled to voice my enormous support of Ryan and by extension Mitt Romney. 

With Erskine Bowles owning the imprimatur as America’s conscientious fiscal practitioner, perhaps we may care to listen to a short clip as to what the good “doctor” had to say last fall about a Congressman from Wisconsin. By the way, Bowles is a former Chief of Staff in the Clinton administration and ran as a Democrat for the U.S. Senate from North Carolina.

Is Paul Ryan a likable individual but truly a radical? Well, would that make Bowles a radical as well?  But he is the author of our nation’s plan for fiscal sanity. Listen to Bowles compare the budget put forth by Ryan and the budget put forth by somebody else. Leadership? The greatest need in our country is leadership. Listen to Bowles.

Game changer.

Larry Doyle

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