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Chick-Fil-A: Is Free Enterprise Still Free?

Posted by Larry Doyle on July 30, 2012 11:52 AM |

I do not find it surprising that certain political leaders in our nation easily lash out in threatening fashion to those running a free enterprise. Why am I not surprised? In the “Uncle Sam” economy that permeates our nation, the violation of contracts and property rights has become increasingly prevalent.

In that vein, we should not be surprised when leaders of certain cities and towns spew forth intimidating statements to those running a free enterprise. I refer specifically to recent statements delivered by the mayors of Boston, Chicago, and San Franciso and directed at the president of Chick-fil-A, Dan Cathy.

Regardless of what one may think about controversial topics of the day, including same-sex marriage, last I checked individuals in our nation not only had the right to free speech but then also the constitutional rights to free enterprise.

Mayors Tom “Mumbles” Menino in Boston, Rahm Emanuel in Chicago, and Edwin Lee in San Francisco are entitled to speak their mind as they choose but as leaders of these cities they may care to think twice prior to voicing their opposition to an enterprise such as Chick-fil-A establishing a presence in their city. If people in Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco care to exercise their right to assemble and protest Chick-fil-A, they should feel free to do so and knock themselves out in the process. Clearly, Dan Cathy has the right to free enterprise while also not violating the basic rights and freedoms of his employees.

See, this thing called freedom is supposed to be what makes our country truly special. When freedoms are violated, we all lose. Menino, Emanuel, and Lee may care to reacquaint themselves with the principle of freedom. When embraced and mixed with the virtues of truth, transparency, integrity, and respect, America and all Americans win.

So, “Mumbles”, what is it going to be? You want a healthy dose of the “freedom special” and a side of the barbecue or honey mustard with that? Maybe a little extra seasoning on those large fries as well?

Navigate accordingly.

Larry Doyle

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I have no affiliation or business interest with any entity referenced in this commentary. The opinions expressed are my own. I am a proponent of real transparency within our markets so that investor confidence and investor protection can be achieved.


  • Peter S.

    Hate begets scorn LD. Nothing is free – it’s earned. What in the world does same sex marriage have to do with chicken? Dan Cathy is a moron for jumping into the fray. How do you think his gay employees feel? Do what you do best LD – being a financial industry watchdog!

    • LD

      This one stuck in my gizzard.

  • fred

    The PC police strike again.

    Clearly, from his comments, Mr. Cathy does not support gay marriage BUT, I wasn’t able to find any evidence in either his words or actions that he discrimminated against or committed any civil rights violation against gays in the past.

    Since when has a difference of opinion not been tolerated or allowed in America?

    Since when does a mayor have the right to refuse a business from opening it’s doors in a city when no laws have been broken?

    I agree with you LD. If you don’t agree with Mr Cathy boycott or picket his business, don’t deny him the right to conduct his business.

    To modify and update the famous quote, “Hell hath no fury like a gay person felt scorned”.

  • Bill

    I like the observation by someone about what the reaction would be if some mayor wanted to deny some gay activist the right to open a business. Boy, would we hear a hue and a cry about that out of the left. The left is fine with free speech just so long as what is being spoken comports with their zeitgeist.

  • Ginny

    This is where it gets over the top –

    Bloomberg’s Breastfeeding Program, ‘Latch On NYC,’ Wants Hospitals To Change Baby Formula Protocol

    Starting in September, Mayor Bloomberg’s push to encourage breastfeeding will incorporate a new program urging hospitals to keep baby formula under lockdown.

    Bloomberg’s gotta go… this is absurd.

    Is this another Wag the Dog – get their attention off the depression and Libor scandal and focus on something outlandish?

  • Rick

    f’n Mumbles can’t get unelected…..he’s there for life.

  • Donald

    These men are standing up for the rights of their constituents.

    It is up to corporations to not demonize their customers.

    • fred


      Surely you jest, Mumbles can’t tell the difference between a ‘right’ and his left. These mayors are more likely counting votes and counting $$$ than defending rights.

      Donald, we clearly disagree on this issue, should I be able to stop you from opening a store in my town?

  • Small BD

    Publically-made statements by someone who assumes the role are fair game for Mayoral disgruntlement

    Of course, he has the right to become wealthy by filling people’s arteries with chick-fil-a-lard and chocolate chunks; assuming of course that CAD, Juvenile Diabetes etc. don’t conflict with his high moral values.

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