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Obamacare: Taxation by Misrepresentation?

Posted by Larry Doyle on June 29, 2012 8:54 AM |

Chief Justice John Roberts informed the nation yesterday that the legislation known as Obamacare is viable based upon Congress’ ability to tax. Should it matter that the legislation was not represented to the nation in that manner? That is a point worthy of very real debate for years to come.

While many conservatives in the nation are disappointed with Roberts’ opinion and ultimate deciding vote, I actually think he was more concerned with a larger message, if that is possible. What was he really saying? A number of things including:

1. Elections matter!

2. Just because politicians are not telling you something, look a little deeper, determine the truth, and appreciate what is really going on.

3. Anybody with a degree of ‘sense on cents’ could and should realize that the costs embedded in Obamacare are a tax. Just because they are not represented that way changes nothing.

4. Politicians on both sides of the aisle will LIE and INTENTIONALLY MISREPRESENT all the time.

5. Let the elections this November determine whether America wants this legislation.

As I ponder the hype and histrionics of the last day, I truly believe we are experiencing a semblance of what drove those to come and settle in our nation in the first place. What is that? Those settlers were inspired by an overwhelming force widely captured under the heading of “Taxation without representation is tyranny.”

Justice Roberts very compellingly slapped the American electorate in the face yesterday.


If taxation without representation is tyranny, then what is taxation by misrepresentation? We will learn the answer to that question this November.

I am very interested to know how readers define “taxation by misrepresentation?”

Please share with us your thoughts on that question.

Larry Doyle

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