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Jon Corzine: At Best, A Negligent Nitwit

Posted by Larry Doyle on June 5, 2012 8:18 AM |

Did Jon Corzine perpetrate a fraud at MF Global? Many believe there is sufficient evidence to pursue an indictment of Mr. Corzine and others for the demise of the firm.

The MF Global trustee’s report released yesterday falls short in providing the smoking gun with Corzine’s fingerprints. That said, Corzine should hardly rest easy as the Financial Times writes this morning, MF Global Trustee Eyes Suing Corzine:

The legal trustee overseeing MF Global’s bankruptcy has blamed Jon Corzine, the broker-dealer’s former chief executive, for ramping up risk while failing to overhaul money management systems.

James Giddens said on Monday that he would decide within 60 days whether to sue Mr Corzine, the former New Jersey governor and senator, and other former staff members at the company for “breach of fiduciary duty and negligence”. 

Those who might care to defend Corzine and other MF Global executives for falling victim to a last minute whirlwind meltdown of the firm should take heed of the warning signals that were flashing long before those fateful days in late October 2011. To wit, the FT offers:

1.  “Notwithstanding the increased demands on global money management and liquidity, the firm’s treasury department, which was involved in implementing the transfers of funds, did not expand or modernise.”

2.  Edith O’Brien, the former MF Global assistant treasurer who has emerged as a central figure in the congressional probe into the company’s collapse, told one senior colleague in an August email that she spent hours every day “shuffling cash and loans from entity to entity” in a process she described as a “shell game”.

3.  Internal audits undertaken by the broker-dealer in the spring of 2010 and presented to the company’s board also “identified MF Global’s risk policies as not congruent with the changes to its broker-dealer business”, with “dozens of gaps in policies, procedures and technology”.

We can only hope that the trustee’s report will bring the appropriate pressure upon regulators and others to fulfill their duties in this specific case. There is no doubt that these regulators have TOTALLY failed to perform . . . again. This is not a surprise.

We will wait to see what the future holds for Corzine and, more importantly, the MF Global customers. While we do that, though, the report released yesterday clearly finds Corzine guilty on two fronts:

1. During his short tenure at MF Global, he was little more than an impetuous cowboy indiscriminately throwing around other people’s money.

2. In terms of business acumen and operations management, he showed himself to be nothing more than a negligent nitwit.

To think that he was one step removed from running Goldman Sachs — let alone the United States Treasury — is a pretty scary thought.

Not to beat a dead horse, but again, you cannot make this stuff up so . . .

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Larry Doyle

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I have no affiliation or business interest with any entity referenced in this commentary. The opinions expressed are my own. I am a proponent of real transparency within our markets so that investor confidence and investor protection can be achieved.


  • Obsvr-1

    The DOJ will not act to give JC a room next to Bernie, but the civil action should take every dollar and asset he has to pay restitution to the victims of his (ineptitude) er fraudulent and scandalous actions.

  • Peter S.

    Willful negligence, motivated by greed and hubris resulting in harm to others, should certainly be prosecuted as failing to provide honest services at the very least.

    LD, you’re getting sucked into to the vacuum of dirty politics. You’re photos of Obama and Biden with Corzine certainly are inflammatory? Do you know how many photos you can find of Madoff posing with prominent republicans? Are you suggesting Corzine is being protected by this administration? How many individuals, in how many different government agencies, would need to go along with that if that is what your selection of photos imply, 50, 100, 200, 1000? Wouldn’t that constitute obstructing justice?

    I believe Sense on Cents has chosen to navigate away from the clarity of fact filled transparent waters into the all too predictable and visible muck.

    • LD


      Bingo. No doubt that many a politician could be photographed with various and sundry financial swindlers. That fact alone, though, does not mitigate or deny that our current administration has had and does have a particularly close relationship with one Jon Corzine. Would anybody deny that? I think not.

      I do believe I am an equal opportunity blogger when it comes to calling out both parties for incestuous behaviors. I do believe that this specific relationship may very well take the cake in this regard.

      No cesspool here.

  • LD

    A fabulous recap:

    The Last Days of MF Global

  • Jim Wells

    Great post Larry.

    Gotta wonder what it says about the state of federal financial regulation when a guy who loses or misuses $1.6 billion of other people’s money invokes the Sgt Schultz defense — and it works???

  • Randy

    I think the powers that be will have a little chat with the trustee and dissuade him from dragging Obama’s best friend through the muck.. telling him it’s simply a very bad time for the country to even consider such a thing, etc.. playing upon his patriotism and if that doesn’t work.. getting the right kind of guys to directly threaten him so there’s no misunderstanding that he is to lay off Corzine.

    The trustee will probably pursue a far lesser figure at the company with Corzine being dismissed as simply not having paid close enough attention. Things are not working out so well yet for Obama’s re-election as the economy is most definitely not cooperating, so I would be most surprised if the trustee was to truly take Corzine to task.

    They should also be taken to task for the way in which the bankruptcy was filed, which was clearly done to eliminate the super priority lien that customer deposits would have had in a normal bankruptcy of the firm.

    It is enough to make any honest person sick to their stomach that the country we were once so very proud of has degenerated to one being run by criminal cronies operating as sock puppets for the big money interests.

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