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‘Sponsored Video: The Global Economy’

Posted by Larry Doyle on May 16, 2012 11:46 AM |

I receive an endless number of overtures from outlets looking to have me promote their products. I have always declined. . . until now. Why? I use and live by the product in this commentary. As such, I welcome endorsing it!!  LD

I start every day of the week in the same manner. How is that?

I go out my front door, pick up the newspaper and settle down to what I believe is the best periodical in the market today. Which is that?

The Financial Times, or as I and many people like to call it, the FT

Looking for a global perspective on markets and economies that are increasingly global in nature? Looking for cutting edge insights from those ‘in the arena’? Looking for valued analysis on where the markets are headed tomorrow not merely where they were yesterday?

The FT is a must read.

I ALWAYS learn something new and have my interest piqued to engage in further research on topics presented by FT reporters. I NEVER feel that the FT has an agenda or is trying to promote a political position or stance. The independent and unbiased views of the reporters run the spectrum.

I love the fact that the FT is a London based periodical. I firmly believe that the FT is unencumbered to present thoughtful analysis and opinions on American issues which are typically not found via our domestic outlets.

On that note, for a little bit of truth, transparency, and integrity let’s take in this FT video, The Global Economy: What’s The Dollar in Your Wallet Really Worth? This 3-minute clip descriptively and graphically highlights our global economic standing from a variety of angles. The wealth of information is stimulating and educational. I love it because it is textbook FT. Lots of great data, professionally packaged and presented, and with no wasted time.

This clip would be a welcome presentation to a host of major clients or in our top graduate schools.

I only have one concern about the FT. What is that?

I need to make sure the delivery man who has it on my doorstep shortly after 5 am does not lose the route.

“Sponsored by Financial Times”

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