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Romney is Right on Education

Posted by Larry Doyle on May 25, 2012 3:01 AM |

Regular readers of this blog know how passionate I am about quality secondary education.

I detest those in our educational system who practice an agenda that does not put the interests of our children first, second, last, and always. Regrettably, results all too often show that our children suffer at the hands of pathetic people and process.

Call me harsh. I do not much care. Secondary education is clearly one of the most important issues in our nation, and it is all about one group and none other — our children. Or at least it should be. 

For this very reason, I was thrilled to see the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney make a bold statement on this issue. Romney released this white paper, A Chance for Every Child, in which he states:

Giving students trapped in bad schools a genuine alternative requires four things: (1) such alternatives must exist, (2) parents must receive clear information about the performance of their current school and of the alternatives, (3) students must be allowed to move to a new school, and (4) students must bring funding with them.

To be fair, I have sung the praises of President Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan for their “Race to the Top” initiative.

While having praised Obama on one hand, I have also denigrated him for pandering to the teachers unions on the other. In the process, Obama has shown himself to be like so many others in his party who have sold their soul and cast their lot with a crowd which has prioritized their own self-interests over those of our children. Playing politics with our children’s education is no way to run a country or prepare for the future. But that is the reality we have currently and have had for FAR TOO LONG.

THIS MUST CHANGE within our nation if we want future generations and our nation as a whole to have brighter days ahead.

Romney is right. Increased school choice in the form of charters and student vouchers must occur. Who really wants it? The parents of inner city children who are suffocating in school systems that have had their vitality sucked out of them as resources and funding are sopped up by the union.

I am not so blind as to think that ALL our problems in secondary education revolve around teachers unions BUT I think that is a VERY good place to start.

Remember, secondary education is ABOUT THE KIDS!!

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Comments, questions, constructive criticism encouraged and appreciated.

Larry Doyle

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