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Voter Fraud: The Case for Voter ID

Posted by Larry Doyle on April 9, 2012 10:12 AM |

True democracy requires an emphasis both on the ‘truth’ and the ‘democracy’.

How can America have a true democracy when, at the very core of our system, we allow — if not promote — the possibility of very real voter fraud? The power of the vote is the cornerstone of our democracy. That power should be protected and practiced with every effort possible.

How and why do we not have a voter ID requirement in our nation? 

People need ID for almost everything they do in America, but people do not need ID to vote. Who benefits from not having a Voter ID requirement? Those who would want to game the system for their benefit. Plenty of people from both sides of the aisle would accuse the competing party of cheating, stealing elections, and various forms of voter fraud.

For those who have a real appreciation for the Sense on Cents virtues of truth, transparency, and integrity across ALL our pursuits, I strongly encourage you to view and share this commentary and video clip.

No real issue with voter fraud in America?

Larry Doyle

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I have no affiliation or business interest with any entity referenced in this commentary. The opinions expressed are my own. I am a proponent of real transparency within our markets so that investor confidence and investor protection can be achieved.

  • Ed

    You cannot drive without a license, you cannot buy alcohol without an ID but you can walk in off the street and vote without any proof of who you are or where you are from. Fraud is not a concern???

    • Bob

      Absolutely right…this is criminal.

    • Kathy

      Ed, that’s just knee-jerk Republican-speak. There is NO documented fraud, and you know it’s been looked for. And we DO have voter ID: It’s called duly issued voter registration cards.

      There’s a very good reason for no photo ID: Just purely coincidentally, the poor, elderly and college students have great trouble obtaining it.

      This is nothing more than an effort to disenfranchise Democrats.

      • Duncan

        Some have difficulty getting an ID Horse Hockey!

        Data reports that the number of issued IDs is greater than the quantity of eligible voters.

  • Bill

    A substantial majority of Americans support voter ID, yet democrats and Obama resist it. Rest assured they are planning a massive voter fraud effort in November to illicitly retain power, spear headed by a revitalized ACORN under new ownership.

  • ed

    Larry; As a tangent to voter fraud concerns, I suggest you research a company called “SCYTL” which is partially owned by George Soros. SCYTL is a Spanish based company which provides vote counting services and the Obama administration has sold the rights to tabulate the U.S. Presidential election results in 14 states and parts of 26 to SCYTL. It is reported that once the ballots are sent to SCYTL they cannot be recovered. A foreign company (with George Soros connections) is tabulating the results of our Presidential election….

    Where is Congress on this outrage?

    NC Renegade: 2012 Election – Soros Company to Tabulate Presidential Election Votes

  • Kathy

    Larry, we DO have voter ID. It’s called a voter registration card. You register, you give your signature, you get a card. It’s the photo ID that is onerous.

    Further, fraud is a non-issue. Millions of people are being blocked from voting by newly ensconced far-right legislatures, while there have been fewer than 20 cases of identity substitution fraud in many years. It STINKS.

    • Kathy

      And Larry…why would I trust the same legislators who support the financial industry that screwed my family? The friends of my enemies are my enemies. I don’t trust the “voter ID” Republicans any more than I trust the “I Heart ARS Fraud” Republicans!

    • Silver

      Kathy, I have been voting for 37 years. I have never had a “voter registration card”………I have never HEARD of a “voter registration card”……hmmmmm?

      Why is it difficult for the poor, elderly and college students to get a photo id, but not difficult to get a “voter registration card”? I do not understand.

      • Always Learning

        I agree with you, Silver. My Costco membership card has my photo on it, but voters do not need photo ID? What’s wrong with that picture? (pun intended)

  • Ed

    Kathy; Take another big gulp of the Kool Aid and keep reading from Eric (BHO sycophant) Holder’s manual. ABO 2012!

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