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Marc Faber’s ‘Sense on Cents’

Posted by Larry Doyle on April 4, 2012 5:53 AM |

Marc Faber is commonly referred to as Dr. Doom for his fatalistic outlooks on the economy and markets. I personally would not call him that. I would designate him as Dr. Truth.

In a recent Bloomberg interview, he offered a wealth of fabulous insights including:
1. the market is overbought and market technicals are deteriorating.
2. earnings will disappoint as profit margins are  being squeezed.
3. cost pressures within raw materials and especially energy will continue to remain elevated.
4. for asset prices to maintain these levels, QE3 would have to be “gigantic’… that is much larger than QE1 and QE2.
5. real cost of living is running much higher than mere increase reflected in official statistics reported by CPI.
6. gold is in a correction phase.
7. MY FAVORITE…he does not trust the government, the Federal Reserve, and the European Central Bank.

This video clip runs for 8 minutes but it is worth a lot more than that token time commitment.

The Marc Faber Blog is well worth a regular read. I will add Faber to the Sense on Cents Blogroll today.

Larry Doyle

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