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Mission Kilimanjaro Recommended

Posted by Larry Doyle on March 3, 2012 10:07 PM |

It’s the weekend, so let’s take a breather from our normal navigation of the economic landscape.

Not that the twists and turns on our economic landscape are not challenging enough but let’s navigate a much steeper slope. How about if we ‘join’ a very special mission and climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Really?

Yes, really. Please stick with me on this. You will not be disappointed. In fact, you will be amazed.

A close friend of mine recently returned from ascending the highest peak in Africa with a group known as Mission Kilimanjaro. What made this undertaking so special, and why should you read this story and view the embedded video at the end of my commentary?  

Let’s navigate and learn more about Mission Kilimanjaro:

In bringing together both “able-bodied” and “disabled” civilians and military veterans on the climbing team, Mission Kilimanjaro’s purpose is to demonstrate to our heroes in the veteran community and to young people with disabilities around the world that no obstacle is too great to be conquered with an active, no-barriers lifestyle and mindset.

Stick with me . . . please read through and watch the video included below.

Today’s veterans face adversity both on the battlefield and at home. Many return from deployment with scars that are sometimes invisible, making the transition back to civilian life challenging in unexpected ways. Tragically, an average of 18 veterans decides each day that those challenges are too overwhelming and choose to end their lives. Team Kilimanjaro is using the trek up the mountain to show these men and women who served so bravely that there are other choices and that it is possible to overcome any obstacle.

Similarly, children born with disabilities face many adversities. Mission Kilimanjaro will begin in Moshi, Tanzania, with a trip to the Mwereni Integrated School for the Blind where Kyle and the team will spend time with children confronting the difficulties of living with a disability in a third-world country. The goal of this special interaction is to help inspire children to realize their ability to overcome any perceived limitation and transform their perspectives of what is possible in their lives.

What makes Mission Kilimanjaro so special? Why will it be highlighted this Sunday, March 4th at 9, 10, and 11am on ESPN’s Outside the Lines and Sportscenter? Well check out Kyle Maynard and the determination he brings to this effort. I will say no more.

God bless Kyle and all those who undertook this special mission. I am truly humbled. Please share this with your friends and colleagues so the message of Mission Kilimanjaro and Kyle Maynard can be felt by others.

There are clearly lots of lessons here for all of us.

Larry Doyle

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