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Jon Stewart Lays Out Jon Corzine

Posted by Larry Doyle on November 10, 2011 7:06 PM |

If the situation with Jon Corzine and the bankruptcy of MF Global were not so serious, then this recent performance by Jon Stewart hammering Corzine would be unbelievably hilarious. As it is, Stewart’s shtick is merely riotous but also highlights the hypocritical nature and incestuous demeanor of the former New Jersey governor.

You’ll thoroughly enjoy this 8 minute clip………..

Larry Doyle

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  • coe

    Well, this clip would only be more ironic if it chronicled how many of the 2800 or so employees of MF Global are now woefully unemployed by the “roll the dice” arrogance of Jon Corzine…you have spoken quite often of “regulatory capture”, LD…I believe this episode is right up there with other outrageous vignettes of the new world order – the horrific Penn State saga, the genocide in Africa, world hunger, the sex scandals of the Catholic Church, the follies of government policy, the lack of a moral compass, the insanity of terrorism…what continues to make my blood boil is the tone-deaf/above-the-law righteousness of the cult of celebrity – Corzine is both a disgrace and a likely criminal – and, by the way, I’m sure his “leadership” of Goldman – that lined his pockets like rock royalty – may have had something to do with moving that once respected firm down the wrong ethical path…and, is it just me, or doesn’t Jon Stewart look a lot like Jamie Dimon?!

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