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‘Mad as Hell, and Not Going to Take It Anymore’

Posted by Larry Doyle on July 27, 2011 12:55 PM |

If this 5-minute video clip does not capture the spirit and rage that is boiling in our nation, I do not know what does.

I thank the regular reader who shared this with me. I commend Jim Garvin for standing up, speaking out, and sharing a healthy dose of ‘sense on cents’ in the process.

If you feel Jim’s pain and share his concerns, as I do, then spread his message.

In my opinion, you will be doing a public service and expressing your love for our nation and especially our future generations.

Washington needs to change and develop real ‘sense on cents’.

Let this be the time. You be the agent.

Thank you again to the loyal reader for sharing this clip.

Larry Doyle

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  • America is hurting Bad and Jim tells it like it is. Watch Jim’s face and listen real closely because this is the face and voice of America.

    Unlike Obama, Boehner, Pelosi, Reid et al, we’re feeling the pain too Jim, and yes we’re Mad as Hell and not going to take much more.

    We’re headed for revolution one way or another. Congress take heed! This is the real deal.

    Let’s have a peaceful revolution through Congressional Leadership, because the other way could very well destroy the America we all love so very much.

    Thanks Jim and thanks Larry for your commitment to this Greatest of Nations.

  • Thank you Larry for sharing and thank you Jim for having the courage to speak out. As requested, I have helped to spread Jim’s message by sharing on Twitter, two Facebook pages and our website.

    They better be listening in the District of Columbia.

  • Bob Burnitt

    I have a set of “Annals of American History”, that spans from 1493 until the year I recieved it, 1986. It is a collection of articles, papers, pamhlets, newspaper columns, photos, you name it, reproduced as written and published in the day. These articles were written by the most famous writers, and “forgotten writers” and of course infamous politicians of the day. But from the time the republic was formed, the same thing has been used over and over. It is in every chapter of every volume of these books, the SAME TUNE ALWAYS, “Everything would be fine if the guy that has more than you would just pay up.” And people fall for it everytime. What a tired old line, but it still works. If “the rich” would just pay YOU would be fine. To the demogogues that use this CRAP, anyone that has more than you do is “rich”.

    Only a small minority vote in this country. Of the small minority that vote the MAJORITY of them FALL for this crap, that is the reason the demogogues (Obama, and the like) use it, IT WORKS!!!!! It works EVERYTIME!!! Not only HERE but all around the world, all throughout history, the Socialists, the Fascists, and the Communists, they all have used it, it is ONE SIZE FITS ALL, and I guarantee you, when we are dead and GONE, they will still be using it, AND it will still be working. The ignorant masses vote for the very people that ruin their lives.

    These CLOWNS, the people in Congress, most of them don’t even know Junior High History (Bachmann) but they were ELECTED by the people!!! They were CHOSEN by the MASSES and now they are RUINING US!!! And most of them will keep getting RE-elected. Look at Joe “Poindexter” Barton, 13 TERMS!!! It is DISGUSTING, but PREDICTABLE!!!

    I think we should have LITERACY tests again, but the people running can not even pass them. However, they know ONE thing, the “sock it to the rich” line always WORKS. The Us agaisnt Them!! The man in the video is CORRECT, but outnumbered by FOOLS that vote and FOOLS that occupy office. Bob Burnitt

    • Bob you are absolutely correct. To add: the one thing that always turns the ship back toward sanity, even if for a short period, is when the commies and socialists run out of other people’s money, like now.

      Margaret Thatcher said it best in an interview in 1976: ‘Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They always run out of other people’s money.’

      Cate Riley

      • Bob Burnitt

        You know, somebody is ALWAYS throwing up Denmark and Switzerland as places where Socialism “WORKS”. Well, DUH!!! It is because they live off the crumbs from the capitalist’s loaf, the Swiss are the “money cockroaches” of the world, though if I had a bunch of bucks, I wouldn’t mind living there. (I think). Never been there. When the capitalists take a bath, they are going to drown. Maybe not, the Swiss probably have enough socked away to last a few centuries. But Denmark will be sucking wind. BB

  • Bob Burnitt

    Yeah, its the tried and true, divide and conquer, and tell them what they want to hear all in one. Doesn’t mean there aren’t some big shots looting the world, but the politicos always peddle that line of BS. It’s not just with money and taxes either, they will use it on any resource, you would have more water to dring if the toher guy didn’t drink so much, if you vote for ME I will go after the guys that drink more water than you do, BB

  • Ryan

    You said it perfect Jim!!! Washington don’t have a clue.
    Good to see you on Fox this morning. Small business owners and numerous customers I have talked to are Mad as Hell.

  • Jean Warner

    Get Out of House

    Please look at this plan to “fire Congress”!!!

  • J. Lo Biondo

    Well put! There is no better example than as soon as the vote passed Congress they left town for 5 weeks. Hey Jim, don’t you take 5 weeks off with pay? Me either.

    I say cut their pay , benefits and pensions by at least 50%. If they don’t do the job then leave. Same should go for teachers and cops.

    There’s plenty of people out there to fill their positions. Even at 50% it’s more than most get; and BTW We the people are paying for them all.

    In 2009 AMEX sent everyone a letter cutting everyone’s credit line in Half; Why didn’t Congress/Senate/Obama do the same.

    But rest assured Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s are probably in line for a payoff to keep us at AAA as part of the unwritten deal. It will no doubt come out of the 2.5 TRILLION we just gave Obama. Over TEN years to make the cuts???? What are they thinking?

    Over ten years the cuts should be double the increase, right? So, Mr President/Congress/Senators Don’t cut my mother, me or my kids before you cut yourselves.

  • Ed Loftus

    Thanks for saying what alot of us feel. We just wasted much energy on something that should have been resolved weeks ago. And what did we do? We pushed a real solution down the road. We should be dealing with the answers to problems and /not stop-gap measures.

    Hey Congress and Mr. President find some solution the famine in Africa. I have heard nothing from any U.S government agency.

  • Ann Mayer

    After watching the viedo i aagree with Jim . My question is…how do we ‘not take it anymore’? My Husband and I have been in a state of frustration, because we do not know what the average person can do to get collective voices heard. Thank you

    • LD


      The video expresses the frustration that so many of us share but the issues truly run so much deeper. I have tried to address so many of the issues which link our political and financial problems.

      Much of what I have written that connects these incestuous partners is collected under a heading here at Sense on Cents known as

      Wall Street-Washington Incest

      You may care to read and review some of these commentaries (there are a LOT), share the link with friends, family, and colleagues. Then blast them to your elected representatives and demand answers.

      That is how you do “not take it anymore”

      From there, “wash, rinse, repeat..!!”

      Please also subscribe and get your friends to subscribe to my blog. There is NO cost and your identity is totally protected. I am here merely to promote truth, transparency, and integrity. What novel concepts.

      Please let me know what you and your friends think.

  • Tom Bonniol

    I totally agree with the comments and also am MAD AS HELL. I do not know what I can do beyond not voting for anyone rerunning for his office Republican or Democrat. Let us vote them all out. We MUST DO SOMETHING NOW.Start with Obama
    Tom Bonniol

  • Tom

    I also are “mad as hell” and something must be done. To start with, I will note vote for anyone who is rerunning f or his office. Vote em out whether Democrat or Republican.

  • D Knowlton

    Thank you for posting that video. I have felt exactly as you have for so long and have not done anything about it. All I hear about is compromise; compromise is what has degraded the greatest nation on earth to pre-banana republic levels. The increase in the debt limit was not a victory, but a concession, a failure by our elected officials. Our Congress and political leaders have sold us out for votes from the lowest common denominator. The lowest common denominator regardless of socio economic status are the fools who believe that a bureaucracy can and will provide a better existence for them than hard work and personal pride can. The lowest common denominator believes that shaking a hand out from the hard working Americans is the right of all people. The lowest common denominator does not believe that the boarders of our country are worth defending because they have no pride or love for our country.

    The rule of law empowers to corrupt to ravage the hard work of the able in the name of the poor. The irony is that the poor only receive a fraction of the money extorted from the builders of our economy, and hate the people that have enough pride to continue to build their dreams in spite of the obstacles built up by the government. Once again our nation has been sold out but self serving politicians they feed lies to a public that is so overwhelmed with information they cannot begin to see the implications of what was done. The very leaders empowered to protect us, and represent our nation SOLD US OUT!

    I don’t care if the credit status for the US fails, which it will any way. Have any of our political leaders seen how the world leaders and markets are responding to their irresponsible compromise. Do they understand that the little compromise they made has made no difference in our credit rating? Obama will take a win by defunding the military to the tune of 900 billion if he gets his way. The Navel budget to build ship is only 15 billion. Do we know our fleet has not been this small since before world war one. The Marine Corps budget is less than 100 billion. Where is all this money, I certainly do not see 1.2 trillion dollars. But hey, at least the pathetic bureaucrat will continue to work and provide order. They the public sector gets paid more than the private sector now. The political leaders and their appointed bureaucrats get paid more than the men and women out in the private sector. Are they earning that money, or are they taking a ride on your wallet. They have told us they are more important than the working man anyway. We will have substandard health care with no jobs, no infrastructure, and no military, but the bureaucracy will maintain order in our poverty. Once again, like the Bail Out Ponzi scheme, THEY SOLD US OUT!

    I don’t care if Congress uses its majority to send bills to the Senate that get tabled over and over again to show what partisan politics are doing to the country. The failure of the Senate to act does not empower them to hold the purse strings hostage. The sitting Congress was elected to hold the purse strings hostage until the next election cycle to slow the damage this administration is causing, and once again THEY SOLD US OUT!

    The current Congress was elected to stop this madness and begin to fight for a Free and Proud and American owned AMERICA. Balance the budget and pay your bills because you are not too big to fail!
    Congress, you SOLD US OUT!!!


  • Art Deco

    Jim Garvin is not a “small business owner.” Keep on drinking the Kool-Aid.

    Fox & Friends, Jim Garvin, Just a Small Business Owner

  • D Knowlton

    It really does not mater who he is, the questions he is asking are the right questions.

    Are you sure we’re the ones drinking Kool-Aid Art?

  • Robert Mahon, P. E.

    Well said.
    I am so fed up with the duplicitous, hypocritical, prevaricating, side of the mouth uckempucky spoken by ALL of the elected I believe nothing they say.

    My best guess (and, yes folks, that’s the best we can do with this innefective ‘class’ is guess) is that we should shit-can ALL of the elected and start over. They’ve clearly demonstrated they cannot be relied upon to effectively work for us.

    I can deal with Anarchy better than I can with the bloodsuckers now in office.

  • This video is so misleading and disingenuous. President Obama did not say that the solution to the debt crisis is to tax those who make over $250,000 per year, or corporate jet owners. We need honest conversation, and not demagoguery.

    What he did say was that the pain of sacrifice that will be required to get out of this mess must be shared by all of us. That includes those of us with high incomes, who enjoy one of the lowest tax rates in US history at a time when there is great need for revenue.

    The largest tax break in all of our US history was included in the stimulus bill. We are still enjoying the Bush tax breaks. We should loose special tax breaks for things like corporate jets and pay a little more before we ask more teachers to loose their jobs, students to leave school, or poor to go without health care. That’s all.

  • LD


    Have you ever heard President Obama or any member of his party differentiate between raising taxes on those with incomes >250k while also leaving those running small businesses out of that increase?

    I haven’t.

    I am all for shared sacrifice as well but I am not big on merely redistributing wealth.

    Barack has shown little aptitude for knowing how to grow the pie merely an interest in cutting it into ever narrower slices.

    He is also pretty good at sparking class warfare.

    A leader? A uniter? Really?

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