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Exposing Uncle Sam’s Waste, Fraud, and Corruption

Posted by Larry Doyle on July 21, 2011 8:33 AM |

With fiscal deficits stretching out as far as the eye can see and politicians focused largely on tomorrow’s polling numbers or their next election, who the hell really minds the store in Washington?

All too often we hear Washington politicians “talk the talk” of rooting out waste, fraud, and corruption, but who and how many of these pols legitimately “walk the walk“?

Where are the real statesmen in Washington who are truly willing to put our nation first rather than looking the other way or playing the game under the guise of politics or ‘that’s just how it works‘.

Really? Our nation is broke. IT AIN’T WORKING!!!

Despite our current fiscal calamities, regulatory capture across industries persists. This regulatory capture within our financial industry is defined here at Sense on Cents as that Wall Street-Washington incest. The pungent aroma of this incestuous relationship is truly vile and makes me vomit.

Given the fact that both parties feed at the troughs of those who profit from the waste, fraud, and corruption, who then might stand up for America and promote the transparency and integrity we so badly need across our political and economic landscape?

America now more than ever needs to embrace the Project on Government Oversight, aka POGO.

I would ask each and every individual who reads this commentary to share it and the embedded video below as a matter of public service and NATIONAL PRIDE.

Do you want to bring REAL CHANGE to Washington and expose the fraud, the fraudsters, and the pungent incest? Embrace POGO.

Challenge your Congressman and ask him/her what they are doing to support and promote POGO’s efforts. Demand accountability.

If you think that you do not have time to view and share the embedded 12 minute clip, I ask you how much time you have to pay off the bills that the phonies in Washington have left on your doorstep? Only a lifetime, right?

Watch the clip!! Spread the word!! Navigate accordingly!!

America needs POGO now more than ever.

Larry Doyle

For the overachievers in the audience, I am happy to direct you to my early 2010 radio interview with POGO’s Michael Smallberg in which we pull back the blanket on the Wall Street-Washington incest embodied within the Wall Street SRO, FINRA.
NQR’s Sense on Cents with Larry Doyle Welcomes POGO’s Michael Smallberg

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I have no affiliation or business interest with any entity referenced in this commentary. The opinions expressed are my own. I am a proponent of real transparency within our markets, our economy, and our political realm so that meaningful investor confidence and investor protection can be achieved.

  • Bob Burnitt

    You know, the government has always been corrupt, ANY government, not just ours. We just have taken it to a level never dreamed of by previous crooks. We ddin’t come up with the idea, no, we just MASTERED it. We have had the “Credit Mobilier” scandal, then the “Teapot Dome” scandal and graft fest. But I gotta tell you, the spend, spend, spend thing that is so deeply entrenched is a hangover from Keynesian Economics. At least *I* think so. And most of the people that PRACTICE Keyensian Economics don’t even know that is what they are doing. But once Keynes got the “You MUST Spend Yourself In To Prosperity” thing going, it became the “Ethos” of Washingtom that all spending is really good in the “long run” because the “money” er, fiat currency gets filtered through the system, they TAX it every time it passes through someone’s hands, so even if the “pet project” is actually unneeded, in their MIND its still good becasue , “Well you know, it is going to get spent and then the guy that that receives this type of welfare will spend it on hookers or what ever, the hookers give their money to the pimp and he spends it at the Cadillac Dealer, the Cadillac guy buys groceries, and so on. So to them, their “reasoning” has always been, even IF the original spending was a flat out waste and fraud, its STILL GOOD becasue it “trickles down”, the folks back home in THEIR DISTRICT ENJOY THIS and re-elect them. What a “set up”.

    It is so deeply entrenched, boy when they came up with “You Must Spend Yourself in to Prosperity”, every thief in Washington went YEA, Rah Rah Rah, THAT is a “New Deal” I can BEIEVE IN!!!

    They are addicted to it. They are NEVER going to WEAN THEMSELVES OFF!!!! They are ADDICTS. Addicts cannot be trusted with ANYTHING. They must be ELIMINATED from ANY and ALL positions of responsibility.

    We NEED *Term Limits* for ALL elected Offices. My CongressBoy is Joe Barton, he just got elected to his THIRTEENTH TERM, I told him Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were going to collapse 9 years ago due to all of the fraud I was seeing as a Real Estate Appraiser, he ridiculed me. Who was RIGHT??? The guy is like CASTRO you CANNOT get rid of the Poindexter looking SOB.

    Keynesianism MUST me RENOUNCED for the FAILURE and stupid idea it was and is. I wish a THIRD PARTY would RISE up, and kick the CRAP out of the other two, and RENOUNCE Keynesianism for what it is, an idiotic theory that has failed, and pledge to END it forever. Then this Third Party MUST NOT support ANY DEFECTORS from the old Duopoly the Demopublicans/Keynesians. In Texas, a traditionally ONE party State, when the Republicans started electing people, the first time since The Civil WAR, the DEMOCRATS like RICK PERRY and his FATHER just switched sides. They should have NEVER been supported by the Republicans for ELECTED OFFICE. They have NO CONVICTIONS, they just jump on whatever train that is going to the Capitol Building. And now the guy wants to be President??? I would NOT vote for him. I live in Texas, and I am sick of him. Governor Goodhair the DEMO-Publican is what a LOT of Texans call him, including ME. Oh by the way, the State of Texas is $27 BILLION OVERDRAWN, the roads and everything else are falling apart, and THIS guy feels “CALLED TO BE PRESIDENT”. And George Will, a guy I used to like to read and watch SUPPORTS PERRY??? Gimmee a break. You know, Perry was a CHEERLEADER at Texas A&M, I wish he would go in to business teaching CHEERLEADING. THAT is what he NEEDS to be doing. BB

  • fred

    In a time when IBM can manage quarterly earnings to the penny, how is it that the debt to GDP ratio, including off balance sheet items, is over 100%?

    The size of gov’t today was not even remotely envisioned by our founding fathers, but rather began to take shape after the depression of the 1930’s, the introduction of a Keynsianism response, the implementation of the $US as the global reserve currency and the removal of the gold standard in the 1970’s.

    The business of gov’t must be separated completely from the politics of gov’t.

    I look foreward to the day when Gov’t agencies become profit centers through the mechanism of regulatory enforcement rather than the garbage bins of corruption and political paybacks that they have become. The day when POGO and the CBO are given veto power for grandiose spending plans based upon IRR, payback periods and a revised vision of governmental purpose.

    BUT I wont hold my breath!

  • Bob Burnitt

    Yep, I would not hold my breath either. This will not be solved in our lifetime, IF EVER. There is no one in the make up of our government with the “right stuff” to pull this off. I see no one on the horizon either. We need to clean house.

    Wall Street and The Great Bernyank run the show, they have and are looting us, and the world. Well, whoever is pulling Bernyank’s string is running the show. We have passed the point of no return. We have become Fascist. The combination of “rigged capitalism and government”. That was basically Mussolini’s definitin of Fascism, he should have known. BB

  • coe

    “City of secrets” DC AND Wall Street – sure we can find easy targets in the defense industry and the oil companies..think the financial sector is a different breed of cat..though it is worth reminding ourselves from time to time that the big banks fund much of their operations through government guaranteed deposits, and that fact alone should allow us, the public citizenry, to demand ethical integrity and accountability in the stewardship of this massive insurance exposure we carry the way, people are getting rich in decoding Dodd-Frank – and where there is money, there is bet is that the POGO bat-phone doesn’t ring nearly enough when it comes to the financial crisis – and that is too bad

  • LD

    John D,

    WOW, WOW, WOW!!

    If in fact there is blatant corruption in the practice as you describe, I would think this story would be a bombshell.

    I am glad you brought it to our attention on this story and I will share it with the appropriate people at the Project on Government Oversight, aka POGO.

    I would also encourage you to reach out directly to Michael Smallberg at POGO.

  • FM Employee

    Lea France has been recognized as one of the top Real Estate Owned (REO) sales representatives at Fannie Mae over the course of the past six years, Lea leverages more than 18 years of experience in real estate and business. She is not an Associate Vice President for Fannie Mae. The comment above posted by John D contains alot of defamatory information and is false. Lea France has earned praise and respect from Fannie Mae, for her top performance.

  • FM Employee

    Lea France with Fannie Mae has earned praise and respect for six years for her top performance.

  • John Spencer Williams

    Lea France at Fannie Mae has earned praise and respect from Fannie Mae for her real estate experience.

    The blogger John D. who has posted a comment on this web site, is obviously trying to do a “hatchet job” on Lea France. John D you need to take off your hood, because no one supports the Klan anymore thank God. Lea France is without a doubt one of the most respected sales representatives at Fannie Mae.

    Lea France, a native of Dallas, grew up in Southern California and took all of her required courses in real estate through the University of California, Los Angeles. In her class work and in further certificate courses through UCLA she concentrated on commercial real estate leasing, the legal details of land transactions,law of contracts, law of agency, investment and appraisal, consumer protection and ethics, and management of fair housing regulations.

    She has used her extensive background in the theory and practice of real estate to become one of the leading achievers in her unit, earning the status of top performer.

  • John Spencer Williams

    Lea France Fannie Mae REO Sales Specialist leverages more than 18 years of experience in real estate and business. Lea France conducts all business under the key precept of integrity and character.

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