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What’s Wrong in America? Laurence Meyer ‘Nails It’

Posted by Larry Doyle on June 27, 2011 10:55 AM |

It is not often that I witness an individual pierce through the smoke and mirrors that disguise our nation’s central problems and state succinctly what Sense on Cents believes so strongly. I had the benefit of capturing the wisdom of just one such individual this morning.

I welcome sharing the wise perspective of one Laurence Meyer, as highlighted in today’s Wall Street Journal,


“I think [pessimism about the state of the country] has absolutely nothing to do with the current cyclical state of the economy. It’s not our budget deficit. It’s not China. It’s our education deficit. You can’t be 20th in the world in every field and be a competitive economy. 

We’re a declining economic power. And, I think, you should be worried about it. And the chances of things getting better, as opposed to worse, are limited by our dysfunctional government and ugly political dynamics.”

Laurence Meyer,

Senior managing director and co-founder, Macroeconomics Advisers

How is it that the supposedly greatest superpower in the world has an education system that generates such abysmal results?

In my opinion, the problems start at home in the form of dysfunctional family units but are then exacerbated by what Meyer describes as our dysfunctional government and ugly political dynamics. Regrettably the dysfunctional units on both sides feed upon themselves and then our nation as a whole.

Far too many of these dysfunctional units have proven themselves incapable and/or disinterested in protecting and educating the kids than in protecting their own self-interests.

Go ahead and take your shot at me if you’d like. I will merely point at our educational rankings which speak volumes and ask how we will fix that mess, especially in the urban settings of our country.

We ALL pay for the travesties and turmoil that abound from these dysfunctional realities.

Navigate accordingly.

With his bold and forthright statement, Meyer gains immediate induction into the Sense on Cents Hall of Fame.

Larry Doyle

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