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Instead of Reviewing Sarah Palin’s E-Mail, The Media Should Investigate…

Posted by Larry Doyle on June 11, 2011 7:12 AM |

I love America.

I love when our nation rises to the occasion to help each other during times of national crisis. I love when people who would prefer to remain anonymous perform real acts of heroism. I am truly grateful to be a citizen of this great land and to have the freedom to pursue fabulous opportunities and to speak my mind while doing so.

While I love our great land, I cringe when I witness those whom I believe are more concerned with pursuing self-promotion than real national interest. I put Donald Trump in this camp.

I cringe when I witness those in public office or the public arena whom I believe lack the decency and integrity to be upstanding model representatives for our children. I put Anthony Weiner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and David Vitter amongst many more in this camp.

I cringe when I witness the media, that body which should be the nation’s eyes and ears, more concerned with tabloid journalism of a destructive nature than truly digging for the truth while promoting real transparency and unbridled integrity.

There are too many examples of these destructive journalistic pursuits driven by political partisanship than I could possibly address. I am compelled to write on this topic, though, given that I believe the time and effort spent reviewing the e-mails of Sarah Palin is not only a colossal waste of time and money but also a reflection of the pettiness which is strangling our nation. Is this what America has become? This is NOT our finest hour.

If the crowds at MSNBC, CNN, Fox, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, the Washington Post, and many other media outlets would care to uphold their charge to promote the real public interest rather than pursuing the pettiness which has increasingly relegated their industry to an after thought, then I would challenge them to forget Sarah Palin’s e-mails and help us find answers to questions of far greater national importance.

Which questions? Unanswered questions which continue to directly impact many thousands of our fellow citizens and ultimately our nation as a whole. I have raised these questions previously and composed them collectively late last year in writing, What Really Happened…?,

The financial and economic turmoil of the last three plus years has brought us stories and developments which are almost unfathomable. In fact, in my opinion there is no doubt that Wall Street and Washington would like to keep certain of these stories and developments buried forever.

Will America ever learn where some of these bones are buried? Will America ever learn of these skeletons in the closet? Will the media charged with pursuing the truth dare dig into these stories?

1. How Bernie “Madoff” With $50 Billion…!! (December 14, 2008)

>What was Bernie’s relationship with Mary Schapiro?

>Was Bernie involved with the Russian mob?

>Why did SEC attorney Genevievette Walker-Lightfoot get pulled off the Madoff investigation?

>Why is it that a full two years later there have been few truly meaningful arrests in this fraud?

>Will we ever know if the Wall Street self-regulator FINRA had its own funds invested directly or indirectly in Madoff?

2. Let’s Really Question Ms. Schapiro...(January 16, 2009)

>Will America ever learn the details of FINRA’s liquidation of its own holdings of $647 million auction-rate securities in mid-2007 when the ARS market had started to fail? Did this liquidation rise to the level of front running and/or insider trading?

>Will America ever learn the details surrounding the alleged verbal and written misrepresentations by FINRA executives, including Ms. Schapiro, in the proxy statement utilized for the merger of the NASD and NYSE regulatory arm to form FINRA.

>In which hedge funds, fund of funds, and private equity investments had FINRA invested its own money? Were there any real conflicts of interests between FINRA’s regulatory mandate and its investment portfolio?

3. Allen Stanford and Whitey Bulger: Two Peas in a Pod? (May 11, 2009)

>Was Allen Stanford truly operating as a government informant trying to infiltrate Central American and South American drug trade?

>Was the SEC railroaded by the Department of Justice when the SEC tried to pursue this case?

>Was Stanford given blanket government protection along the lines of the protection offered to noted Boston gangster Whitey Bulger by the FBI’s John J. Connolly?

4. Is Barack Obama Going Tony Soprano? (May 2, 2009)

>Did the White House truly threaten to destroy the reputation of Perella Weinberg if it chose to pursue its contractual rights in a Chrysler bankruptcy action? (The ten minute radio interview with creditor attorney Tom Lauria is embedded in my link and is a must listen!!)

>If the White House did threaten Lauria’s client Perella Weinberg, who in the White House issued the threat? Rham Emanuel? Steve Rattner? David Axelrod?

>Have other creditors in other high profile bankruptcies chosen not to pursue their contractual rights given the noise around this story?

>Have property rights in our nation forever been changed?

So many great questions. As of now, so few real answers.

Will we ever learn ‘what really happened…?’

America deserves the truth. The cost of neither pursuing the truth nor exposing it is not small.

Will future generations hold us in contempt if these questions go unanswered?

What Really Happened…?

In the spirit of full disclosure, I have learned from sources I deem to be very reliable that FINRA did not have an investment in Madoff. I did not learn that from anybody within the media. There is so much more to learn, though. What is the media doing digging through Sarah Palin’s e-mail when these questions which strike at the heart of the financial, regulatory, and political system remain unanswered.

Where is the truth? What really happened?

What do you think? I think America deserves so much better.

Comments, questions, constructive criticisms encouraged and appreciated. I hope you will share this commentary with your friends and family. Let’s take back our country.

Larry Doyle

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I have no affiliation or business interest with any entity referenced in this commentary. The opinions expressed are my own. I am a proponent of real transparency within our markets so that investor confidence and investor protection can be achieved.



  • James

    Who is The Biggest Loser?

    Chris Matthews
    Lawrence O’ Donnell
    Rachel Maddow
    Ed whatever his last name is…
    Barbara Walters
    Dan Rather
    The New York Times collectively…
    Jeff Immelt
    Anthony Weiner

    • Duke

      Anthony Weiner and Arnold are tied for this award. How is it that America is subjected to these types of idiots and pigs?

      Everybody else would be tied for third.

  • mg

    “I believe the time and effort spent reviewing the e-mails of Sarah Palin is not only a colossal waste of time and money but also a reflection of the pettiness which is strangling our nation. Is this what America has become?”

    I don’t think it’s pettiness. It’s more, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Four of the ten highest paid CEO’s are from the media industry. They’re banking millions and more annually from stock options and rising equity markets. Why would they desire investigating waste, fraud, abuse and corruption if it could cost them each a small fortune?

    This country isn’t the United States of America anymore, it’s the nation of predator and prey. The middle class is being obliterated, has been for the last 30 plus years as debt has replaced wage growth, and a caste system is being formed in it’s place. We see it with the massive increases in the costs of a college education fueled mainly by taxpayer backed student loans and with the enormous increases in health care insurance costs. A recent study showed the US lagging behing EU nations in upward mobility, the ability rise to a higher class than the one born into.

    It is now being taken a step further in the “transitory” inflation of food costs. The wealthy can afford fresh vegetables and protein while many more are left consuming frozen and processed food bought on sale.

    The country is broken at it’s core. The belief systems that once propelled it to greatness no longer exist. This unravelling has been going for decades as the US is now in their fourth decade of a serious growth crisis. Debt is not growth.

  • fred


    There is something about Sarah (sounds like the name of a movie) that has the Dems running scared. I keep wondering if she had only included “soccer moms” with her reference to “hockey moms”. Would more moms have been able to “identify” with her, thus making her “‘off limits” to Dem attack?

    Speaking of Dem attack. Adds have been running non-stop in Massachussetts against Scott Brown ever since his election to the Senate,(even though his voting record correlates very closely with neither the Dems or the Pubs).

    At what point do these political/personal attacks begin to backfire?

    • LD


      I think both parties, but especially the Democrats, are getting increasingly nervous and scared as to the changing nature of the political dynamic in our country. The attacks are already occurring because the political powers that be are so nervous.

      I think the results of the 2010 election cycle are a precursor to what is going to happen in 2012. I truly believe the outrage embedded in the Wall Street-Washington incest is simmering and will boil over in 2012 like we have never seen before.

      The politician who can best position himself/herself to run against that will be able to capture the nation’s attention and vote.

      I thought Mitch Daniels may have been that candidate.

      The field is currently wide open.

  • Grizzly

    What a bunch of nitwhits pouring through Sarah’s e-mails.

    These people do not have anything better to do with their time? How about a little community service? Volunteer at a local soup kitchen? Give blood?

    Teach a kid to read, perhaps?

  • Barry


    This should run on every Op-Ed page. Thanks for another great letter.

  • Tea Party

    The east and west coast elitist liberal media bias does not play in the great heartland of America.

    “Give ’em hell, Sarah!!”

  • Thomas

    Whom would you trust to talk to your daughter?

    Anthony Weiner?

    Sarah Palin?

    I mean, come on now.

    Maybe, just maybe, the crowds reviewing Sarah’s e-mails may wan to turn the focus onto Mr. Weiner’s communications.

    What a pack of hypocrites!!

  • Mark

    In addition to the topics you raise, might the media also want to further investigate

    LA Times Won’t Release Obama-Khalidi Tape but Posts 24,000 Sarah Palin E-Mails

  • Rick

    Not highly publicized here in the states but the Brits have enough fortitude to report that the lamestream media’s attempt to expose Sarah Palin has backfired,

    Sarah Palin Email Frenzy backfires on Her Media Antagonists

    The trove of more than 13,000 emails detailing almost every aspect of Sarah Palin’s governorship of Alaska, released late on Friday, paints a picture of her as an idealistic, conscientious, humorous and humane woman slightly bemused by the world of politics.

    One can only assume that the Left-leaning editors who dispatched teams of reporters to remote Juneau, the Alaskan capital, to pore over the emails in the hope of digging up a scandal are now viewing the result as a rather poor return on their considerable investment.

    If anything, Mrs Palin seems likely to emerge from the scrutiny of the 24,000 pages, contained in six boxes and weighing 275 pounds, with her reputation considerably enhanced. As a blogger at Powerline noted, the whole saga might come to be viewed as “an embarrassment for legacy media”.

  • Terry

    Here is a “Rule of Law” question.

    Why can the big banks and Goldman Sachs, etc., lie to congress, steal from the middle class and get away with it, yet the FBI is now allowed to rummage through our trash for evidence without starting an investigation?

    The FBI and similar organizations are beginning to look more and more like enforcement arms of the elite class of Americans.

  • Kathy

    Sorry, gentlemen — and you are all men — the Democrats have it right, and the Republicans, who are fighting every inch of Wall Street reform, have it wrong. The Republican party is unpatriotic in its refusal to rein in Wall Street. Bad judgment.

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