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Pray for Japan: Must See Photos

Posted by Larry Doyle on March 11, 2011 7:31 PM |

I do not know if there are words to properly describe the level of devastation embodied in these photos from Japan taken earlier today. I know that I do not possess the ability to appropriately describe what the Japanese people must be experiencing.

In the spirit of grace and kindness, I send my prayers and I would ask everybody to do the same. Pray for Japan and all those impacted by this natural disaster.

I thank the regular reader who shared these photos from the site, Boing Boing.

I hope anybody who views these will  share them with friends, family, and colleagues so their prayers and assistance can be directed to Japan as well.

Larry Doyle

A whirlpool is seen near Oarai City, Ibaraki Prefecture, northeastern Japan, March 11, 2011. The biggest earthquake to hit Japan on record struck the northeast coast on Friday, triggering a 10-meter (33-foot) tsunami that swept away everything in its path, including houses, ships, cars and farm buildings on fire. (REUTERS/Kyodo )

Houses are swept by water following a tsunami and earthquake in Natori City. (REUTERS/KYODO)

A massive tsunami hits the coastal areas of Iwanuma, Miyagi Prefecture, northeastern Japan. (REUTERS/KYODO)

Sendai Airport is flooded after a tsunami following an earthquake in Sendai. (REUTERS/KYODO)

An oncoming tsunami strikes the coast in Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture, northeastern Japan March 11, 2011. (REUTERS/KYODO)

A massive tsunami sweeps in to engulf a residential area after a powerful earthquake in Natori.(REUTERS/KYODO)

People evacuate to a street following an earthquake in Sendai, northeastern Japan. (Reuters)

Boats are swept by a wave after a tsunami and earthquake in Asahikawa city. (Reuters)

Houses and buildings burn following earthquake in Iwate Prefecture. (Reuters)

Natural gas storage tanks burn at Cosmo oil refinery in Ichihara city. (Reuters)

Natural gas storage tanks burn at a facility in Chiba Prefecture, near Tokyo. (Reuters)

A massive tsunami hits the coastal areas of Iwanuma, Miyagi Prefecture, northeastern Japan. (Reuters)

An aerial view of a tsunami swamped Sendai Airport in northeastern Japan. (Reuters)

Houses swept by a tsunami smoulder near Sendai Airport in Japan. (Reuters)

Houses burn at night following an earthquake in Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture, northeastern Japan. (Reuters)

People stand on top of a building near cars and airplanes among debris swept by a tsunami at Sendai Airport. (Reuters)

People evacuate along train tracks following an earthquake in Tokyo. (Reuters)

  • shaina

    Thank you Larry for these pictures. These are horrifying moments in Japan. I hope it will be recovered and back to normal soon. These kind of moments makes you think how our lives are so fragile and how we should appreciate every moment. Thank you Larry!!!


    More MUST SEE photos from northern Japan. Takes your breath away!!

    From this morning’s WSJ.

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