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Old Man Winter

Posted by Larry Doyle on February 3, 2011 5:10 AM |

Old Man Winter is putting a major hurting on many parts of our nation. Let’s take a photographic stroll thanks to some fabulous, bone-chilling snapshots provided by the Denver Post.

New Hampshire

Captured: Huge Winter Storm

ChicagoCaptured: Huge Winter Storm

A satellite view of the United States Captured: Huge Winter Storm

Vermont….why did the owner leave this pooch in the cold?  Captured: Huge Winter Storm

Waterbury, ConnecticutCaptured: Huge Winter StormWisconsin

Captured: Huge Winter Storm

This collection is merely a semblance of the fabulous montage provided at this link.

In the midst of a normal economic period, we would be hearing a lot as to how this winter weather will definitely put a crimp into our first quarter GDP…and it will. What I find interesting, though, is that I have not heard one word about the economic impact of the weather…and yes, I watch and listen closely. I am not looking for negative reporting, BUT I do appreciate a keen sense of integrity and honesty. Yes, Old Man Winter will negatively impact first quarter GDP.

Enjoy the photos and please be safe!!

Larry Doyle

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