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Sense on Cents Media Appearances

Posted by Larry Doyle on January 17, 2011 9:22 PM |

I believe one of the highest hurdles we face in an attempt to elevate the level of ‘sense on cents’ within our nation is the very fact that we live ‘in the moment and for the moment.’ How can we achieve a greater sense of perspective on the shortcomings and failings we have had in the past so we can recognize them in the future?

Perhaps even more importantly, how can we simply be more aware of past failings so we can more effectively navigate the economic landscape? Should we rely strictly on our financial media, our financial regulators, and our political operatives to protect our interests? Do not be so naive. We have to do better than that. We need to take personal control and pay personal attention to our own well being. How can we do that? Welcome to Sense on Cents.

In an attempt to more effectively spread the ‘sense on cents’, I have cleaned out some links here at the site which were not actively monitored. Additionally, I have added a Video link which highlights a few media appearances I have had over the last eighteen months. I do try to pride myself on perpetually pursuing truth, transparency, and integrity throughout our economy and our markets. On that note, I would like to highlight the material provided at this Video link. I write,

My pursuit of truth, transparency, and integrity while navigating our economic landscape is evidenced primarily via my regular writing here at Sense on Cents. In addition to my library of written work, however, I also have an extensive body of work and fabulous material archived in 65 hour long internet radio interviews with a wide array of fabulous professionals. Those interviews are retained here at my site at the No Quarter RadioSense on Cents with Larry Doyle link. Lastly, I have pursued the aforementioned virtues in the midst of media appearances on Fox Business and CNBC. Enjoy!!

>> Fox Business on September 3, 2009: discussing the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) in an 18-minute interview with fellow guests, former SEC chair Harvey Pitt, attorney Richard Greenfield,and Madoff investors Ronnie Sue and Dominic Ambrosino.

(If you watch only one of these videos, please take the time to watch the 18 minute clip highlighted above. The allegations made by Attorney Greenfield may leave you speechless but simultaneously incensed.)

>>CNBC on March 2, 2010: discussing Goldman Sachs.

>>CNBC on November 24, 2010: discussing insider trading scandal.

Excuse me for a little shameless self-promotion BUT the fact is I strongly believe the questions I ask and the points I raise in the midst of these appearances are consistent with my mission here. Additionally, where are the media, financial regulators, and politicians in terms of AGGRESSIVELY pursuing these virtues?

Bang the drum and spread the “Sense on Cents!!”

Larry Doyle

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I have no affiliation or business interest with any entity referenced in this commentary. The opinions expressed are my own and not those of Greenwich Investment Management. As President of Greenwich Investment Management, an SEC regulated privately held registered investment adviser, I am merely a proponent of real transparency within our markets so that investor confidence and investor protection can be achieved.

  • fred


    Part of the problem seems to be that FINRA, and the Fed for that matter, are seen by the public as gov’t or quasi gov’t regulatory agencies, when in fact they represent the interests of their constituents, FIRA (broker/dealers) and the FED (banks).

    Why does a failure by either of these non-governmental regulators to oversee/regulate their constituents translate into a public liability?

    Conflicts? In the case of FINRA, they must have been using broker/dealers for purchase and sale of their investment portfolio either directly or through “investment advisors”.
    In the case of the FED, they are clearly using Wall Street to manipulate the financial markets.

    Mary Shapiro’s bonus appears to have been more a result of portfolio performance and a payoff for soft treatment by the SEC re:FINRA.

    FINRA should be disbanded, Shapiro’s bonus returned and it’s investment portfolio liquidated and divided between Madoff investors and ARS holders with any remaining balance returned to the US treasury. FINRA’s regulatory authority should be fully assumed by the SEC.

    The Fed should officially be named an agency of the federal gov’t, subject to congressional scrutiny, transparency and disclosure requirements.

    This would be a good start in ending the Washington-Wall St incestuous relationship.

  • LD


    Strong!! Very strong!!

  • Mark

    Run for office Larry. Speak just as you write here. Rattle cages as you use your insider knowledge to explain the incompetence/corruption that is rampant in the US financial system. The majority of citizens are very pissed off and disgusted. Someone like you that has the knowledge and the ability to dumb things down, so to speak, could possibly connect with enough to get elected. This nation craves and need leadership. Maybe before it’s too late.

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