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Life is Precious

Posted by Larry Doyle on January 9, 2011 8:43 PM |

As I contemplated writing about the Friday Employment Report or the ongoing issues within the European debt crisis or the prospects for the market, my mind kept coming back to something so much more important. That is, life itself.

I can not put into words how badly I feel and how much I empathize with the families impacted by the tragedy that occurred in Tucson, AZ this weekend. Situations such as this tragedy once again raise the unanswerable question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

While there are those who may want to politicize this tragedy, I care to direct my focus and attention elsewhere. To the families of those who lost their loved ones yesterday, “I am sorry. Our collective national heart breaks with yours. We care.”

For those who were injured yesterday, including Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), our prayers go out to you for a full and total physical and emotional recovery.

To our nation as a whole, let us never forget and always appreciate that “life is precious.” Let us also understand that there is a power of evil in our presence. This evil left unchecked will continue to erode the very core of our nation. Let us lead the charge against those individuals and those practices which promote evil. How so? Be an active and consistent force for love, charity, and hope. Choose joy!!

Our children are counting on us to do nothing less.

God Bless America.

Larry Doyle

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I have no affiliation or business interest with any entity referenced in this commentary. The opinions expressed are my own and not those of Greenwich Investment Management. As President of Greenwich Investment Management, an SEC regulated privately held registered investment adviser, I am merely a proponent of real transparency within our markets so that investor confidence and investor protection can be achieved.

  • BMB

    Amen to that Larry. Well said.

  • coe

    LD – This is a story that is repeated way too often, and sadly, it wouldn’t really surprise any of us if it happened again and again…Should it become a commentary on politics, on gun control, on the demons that twist a 22yr old into someone who could turn into a killer and how society didn’t find a way to reach out to him in time? Is it a statement on the accelerating wanton disrespect for life, for the decline in the understanding and acceptance of the value of each and every individual? Is it an extension of the violence and mayhem that seems to be glorified by the music, movie and television industries and even emphasized over and over by the “reporting” media? Maybe the answer is all of the above. And while our hearts reach out because of this “senseless” attack to the Congresswoman as well as to the families of the dead, isn’t it true that man’s inhumanity to man is a force in motion around the globe – whether in war zones, civil conflicts, tribal feuds, crime infested neighborhoods, and even in random shopping centers – I couldn’t help but think back to Laurel, MD and George Wallace.

    On a different level, I continue to be amazed by your own sense on sensibities, LD…there will be another employment number next month that will be dissected and analyzed as though life itself hinged on each component. As was evident in Arizona this weekend, all of us should think about what we might learn from this attack, and pray for the victims – for we, too, and our American way of life are numbered among them!

  • Pete

    Why and how can an individual like this purchase a gun in our country? That should change. At a time when the Army needs recruits, Loughner gets rejected. What does that say? But he can purchase a gun? Why?

  • disenchanted

    My heart goes out to all those effected by this horrible event. It is events like this that make you wonder why anyone would want to be in politics, or in the public eye for that matter. Besides the instability of this person, politics has given itself a bad name and lacks favor in the public eye. Politicians have lost our respect. No matter what, there is no excuse for this. Issues must be resolved in a humane way. It makes me wonder, have we really evolved or do too many of us still think like a cave man?

  • jeffrey as

    come on, go to DC, the only folks with guns are the criminals, I live in north idaho, best prescription for criminals and idiots with guns, is accurate return fire. May not be politically correct, but as my HVAC guy from Mongtomery County/Baltimore likes to say, “I would rather be judged by a jury of my peers than carried out by six of my best friends”!

    why do people think that any part of government is any different than their local DMV?

    Trust but verify folks, the government is not here to help you, they are here to follow the dumb shit rules that some politically correct committee spent a fortune coming up with that are obsolete the moment they are printed.

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