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Thank You!

Posted by Larry Doyle on August 7, 2010 7:50 AM |

I am forever humbled when people read and comment at Sense on Cents.

What is the fuel that drives Sense on Cents? An insatiable competitiveness on my part. My desire to help people. My personal intellectual curiousity to learn more about a wide array of market and economic topics. That said, the fact that people continue to read, share, and comment on my writing is the ultimate fuel that drives this blog/website. Your interests drive my interests. In short, we are helping each other.

Given my recent professional move to Greenwich Investment Management, along with my ongoing desire to maintain and grow my blog/website, I am even more indebted to those who provide an extra set of eyes and ears to topics that fall under the heading of real “sense on cents.” ¬†This form of leverage is truly a practice in which there are no losers. Thank you!

I reference this point of leveraging based on the recent letters and commentary I have had with the likes of Gary Aguirre, various auction-rate securities holders, and many others. Please do not be bashful in writing me and sharing your stories and situations, especially if they may help a wider audience. While obviously protecting personal identities, I am happy to run commentary that serves all our interests.

On that note, thank you again! Now, I am off for the day as my better half and I are going to pick up our 11 year old son at camp. I can’t wait to see our boy!!

Have a great day . . . and keep spreading the ‘sense on cents.’



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