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Helen Davis Chaitman Plans to Sue the SEC

Posted by Larry Doyle on August 1, 2010 11:41 AM |

Does the SEC believe it needs to restrict the public’s access to information in order to gain the favor of those from whom it is requesting the information in the first place (that is banks, hedge funds, and money managers)? Is ‘looking toward the future’ a convenient line of reasoning when, in fact, the SEC is actually more concerned with skeletons from its past? Which skeletons might these be? Can you say Bernie Madoff and Allen Stanford? Is America supposed to take the SEC’s own internal reviews of these frauds as sufficient explanation as to the SEC’s failures on these frauds?

While many in the financial industry have little interest in ever again hearing the name Bernie Madoff, one individual in our nation continues the fight for justice from this massive fraud. To whom do I refer? Helen Davis Chaitman of Becker & Poliakoff.

Some may recall that last November I interviewed Ms. Chaitman, pro bono legal representative for a large number of Madoff investors. She provided riveting insights then and she did not disappoint on a recent interview on Fox Business. Helen is not bashful in highlighting that she plans on suing the SEC for its failings in the Madoff scam.

Is the SEC looking to restrict access to information because of Helen’s pending lawsuit? Let’s listen . . .

Helen is not only speaking up on behalf of Madoff investors, but she is truly standing up on behalf of all American investors. I commend her. No surprize that Helen is a decorated member of the Sense on Cents Hall of Fame! 


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