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Barack Obama vs. David Cameron

Posted by Larry Doyle on June 8, 2010 12:15 PM |

Is Barack Obama listening to the political winds blowing across Europe? With European central bankers turning away from ongoing fiscal stimulus in an attempt to avert a sovereign currency crisis, political leaders in Europe are singing from the same sheet of music. If you don’t think so, let’s listen to the recently elected British Prime Minister David Cameron. What does Cameron have to say? The Financial Times sheds real insights into the future for the UK in writing, Cameron Warns on Impact of Cuts:

David Cameron, Britain’s prime minister, yesterday put the country on notice that his plan to cut the ¬£156bn deficit would have “enormous implications”, warning that public sector pay, pensions and state benefits would all face cuts.

Mr Cameron’s new coalition government has prioritised deficit reduction and is preparing Britain for what is expected to be a bruising “emergency Budget” on June 22. The prime minister said the cuts would hit “every single person in our country”.

What does Barack think about that? I firmly believe President Obama is a staunch believer and supporter of economic and wealth redistribution, rather than real economic and wealth creation. Obama’s base of support was electrified by the concept that government would address their wants and needs.

At this juncture Obama is being politically strangled by his inability to deliver for his base. Additionally, poll after poll indicates that Obama’s opposition is now electrified.

Will Obama turn away from his base in an attempt to save his Presidency, or stick to his guns and run the increasing risk that he becomes a sitting duck for the next two years.

Elections being held in our nation today and through November are clearly a referendum on the Obama Presidency. Will Barack listen to what the electorate is saying? Might he call David Cameron for advice? Would he dare turn on his base and propose cuts in public pensions, union pay, and government benefits much like David Cameron?

How is Obama currently positioned? Barack and a hard place.


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