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Tim Geithner: “I Never Had a Real Job”

Posted by Larry Doyle on April 26, 2010 1:25 PM |

Although Treasury Secretary Geithner may chuckle about his statement in an interview released yesterday, Americans should be more demanding of Geithner and many other members of the Obama administration. Why more demanding? The lack of private sector experience is a very real problem in Washington. How can we expect our public representatives to make strong and effective policy impacting the private sector if they have little to no experience in that space?

Geithner can read all the books and public policy manuals he wants. Theory may work great in the classroom, but games are truly won and lost on the field. If he has never put a jockstrap on, how can we expect him to know what it takes to play the game?


  • Bill

    The real problem is the same can be said for the majority in Washington, including Congress, and most conspicuously the current occupant of the Whitehouse who is clueless on economics.

  • Fred

    Not only does Mr. Secretary have no private sector experience, but the head of the IRS was also found to have “cheated” on his taxes; unreported income and claiming summer camp as an education expense. The reason he paid up was because of his nomination to the Treasury, otherwise the former head of the NY fed would probably still be on the IRS’s 10 most wanted list. IF YOU CAN’T BEAT THEM JOIN THEM!

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