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Must See Testimony by William Black

Posted by Larry Doyle on April 21, 2010 2:07 PM |

Yesterday, former bank regulator William Black provided riveting testimony before the House Financial Services Committee in which he unleashes on the many realities (failed regulation, fraudulent underwritings, etc) embedded in the Wall Street-Washington incestuous relationship. This video clip is a must see:

  • Juice

    Nickname this guy as “The Truth” ….may hurt so good but Black is telling it like it is…or was…strong…!!

  • I saw this and was amazed, finally, someone saying the truth out loud, on TV, in front of Congress…

    • LD

      The BIG question remains, what will actually be done about it?

  • Sunup

    What times we live in ,when someone speaks the truth we are amazed.
    “Whoever is detected in a shameful fraud is ever after not believed even if they speak the truth”
    Larry, as you say, reputation is everything.
    Thanks , again for all your work.

  • Vin

    I didn’t see this testimony, but from this video, it didn’t look like anyone was there? I have a feeling thats what these Congressman and Senators do. When anyone of credibility is allowed to even speak, none of them show up. They will all be there for Mark McGuire and steroids, but anything having to do do with culpability to the destruction of global finance as we knew it, no way! So is anything going to be done? I’m afraid not. Its broken.

  • Randy

    In an honest and open society.. the national media would have picked this up and run it on every major station in the country and done follow-up stories on it like a dog with a fresh bone! But not here in America, not these days.

    Yes, the system is broken.. and frankly the inmates are running the asylum. We have an opportunity as Americans to speak out in at least two ways… one with our money and two with our votes. November will be here before we know it.. and I assure you that all you are going to see and hear from hear forward is how this jobless recovery is progressing very nicely, etc.. and they will even begin telling more lies about jobs being created even when they are not.. leading up to the November elections.

    Remember what they have done and are still doing to us and vote your conscience in November without falling for more of their lies. Do the same thing in 2012.. assuming things don’t totally collapse before that time gets here.

    These problems are going to be with us for many, many years, but we can shorten the duration and limit some of the pain that is to come if we insist on honest representation in Congress and in the White House and use what little power we have in the interim.

    Regardless of whatever we see and hear, we can rest assured that until we make lobbying a felony and until we get all Union and other special interest money out of Washington, D.C. the people of this nation will continue to suffer deep economic hardship.

  • disenchanted

    Vin- I noticed the same as you. From just
    behind Mr. Black’s back to the podium, the
    seats are all empty.I guess we really hoave
    our representatives attention!!

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