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The Fall of the American Empire?

Posted by Larry Doyle on March 24, 2010 3:27 PM |

Are we at a crossroads in history? Has America seen its better days?

I am a strong believer in being able to control my personal destiny and try to impart as much on my children and those whom I mentor. America is the greatest nation on earth in which to pursue opportunity. That said, are we a nation in decline? Are too many years with too much debt and not enough moral courage catching up to us? I am seriously concerned that they are.

(Very interesting video clip after the fold)

I see evidence of this reality in the Bloomberg Poll I referenced last evening. Let’s look again at the last two questions in the poll:

The Image of U.S. in Other Countries
A lot better 11%
A little better 16%
Same 19%
A little worse 21%
A lot worse 30%
Not Sure 3%

The Strength of Our Nation
A lot better 7%
A little better 18%
Same 24%
A little worse 25%
A lot worse 24%
Not Sure 2%

I don’t know about you, but the fact that twice as many people view our nation’s image and its strength as worse (if not a lot worse) than the contrary strikes me as very troubling.

This viewpoint is echoed in startling fashion by David Murrin, the Chief Investment Officer of Emergent Asset Management, in an interview earlier today at CNBC. I strongly encourage you to view this 7-minute clip in the context of both healthcare reform that just passed and the previously referenced Bloomberg poll.

I have little interest in standing pat while accepting platitudes and posturing from those in Washington. I have no interest in living in a land which embraces socialism while those in government mortgage my children’s future and diminish my children’s dreams. I cherish the principles of hard work, courage, honor, truth, and integrity. I see very little of these virtues in Washington today. I firmly believe America sees the same at an ever increasing rate.

Listen to the caution promoted by Mr. Murrin. Is America’s day of reckoning approaching? ~LD

  • Rock

    When those charged with the protection of society are more concerned with their own images, positions, and well beings then we’re in real trouble. Washington is loaded with these types of parasites.

    Whatever happened to real statesmen and statesmanship?

    Where is Harry Truman when you need him?

  • Ted K

    Larry, look at this, I found some very moving words. I thought it might be a useful way to take advantage of those red envelopes on your site. What address would be best to send this to???
    Report: Vatican Was Warned About Priest in Wisconsin

    • LD


      With all due respect, I am not sure what this story has to do with my topic in my post.

      I will tell you here and now I am 1000% in agreement that the hierarchy in the Catholic Church has failed its congregation and followers of Jesus Christ. Whether in the Catholic Church or the U.S. government or anywhere else, we should strive for real truth, transparency, and integrity. These virtues are priceless and timeless.

      I am extremely proud to call myself a Catholic. Why? I believe. My faith is in JC. I practice my faith in my Church. I have little interest in defending my practice to you or anybody else.

      If you want to throw rocks at me and my faith, go right ahead. People have been doing it for time immemorial. Will that change my faith or my way of life? Never.

      I will tell you, though, I have limited interest in continuing dialogue about my faith and the failings of the Catholic Church here. Why?

      Sense on Cents is an economics and markets site.

      While you are MOST welcome here to continue the dialogue of economic, market, and financial topics, your personal axe and sarcasm directed against the Catholic Church is better served elsewhere.

      • Sean


        I’m glad that you recognize that the Roman Catholic Church leadership hierarchy has failed its congregations as well as all of the faithful followers of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The problem is that the lack of moral courage within the Roman Catholic Church leadership hierarchy is not new, this has always been the case, whether you go back to the Christian Reformation and the selling of indulgences, the holocaust-overlookers, or the pedephilia scandals of our own day. The Roman Catholic faith is not the problem. The lack of moral courage within church is the problem. The Vatican, is the problem. The Roman Catholic Priest, Martin Luther, had the moral courage to realize this in the 1500s, and unless and until the current faithful Christian followers of the Roman Catholic faith today have the moral courage to actually realize this, the problems of the Roman Catholic Church will continue infinitely into the future as they have in the past and the present. Ah, to have moral courage in the Roman Catholic Church today, but alas, the Martin Luther’s are excommunicated and flee for their lives while the indulgence-sellers, holocaust-overlookers, and pediphiliacs are quietly kept on-board until they are finally embarassingly exposed from without rather than from within. The true heart of the problem is that the current Roman Catholic Church remains an unreformed church because of its lack of moral courage that it had during its inception.

        The failings of the Catholic Church are actually very relevant to the topic of the fall of the American Empire, as it is important to remember that America was colonized and fought for by conservative reformed freedom-minded Christians, whose ancestors had already found their religous freedom by courageously breaking-away from the corrupt Roman Catholic Church of old Europe, which by what it has done and by what it has not done, has played a major role in many of Europe’s and now America’s failings and current downfall to this very day. It should not surprise us that as more and more socialist-minded people from Europe and Mexico along with their socialism-embracing church have populated America, that the new world is now going the way of the old world, which is now headed towards total economic oblivion.

        We have little to fear of the healthcare reform that just passed, because the reforms don’t go into effect until 2015; long-before then, the unpayable debt crisis now sweeping the old world will have washed ashore the new world, and by that time, healthcare reform will be among the very-least of our concerns. When this is realized by society in the coming months, the big question is whether we will have the moral courage that our forefathers had to end the empire and build a republic in its place, remembering that our once-great republic was paid-for in blood; our Savior’s, and our own. We will need to meet seven new words to ourselves and our children, same as the old words: give me liberty, or give me death. If you have the moral courage to search the depths of your soul, you will come to the unfortunate realization that this is true.

  • Ted K

    That’s fair enough, and I have to say you’re a pretty good sport about it. I don’t think Catholicism is all bad and some members are very good peoples. But I did notice the words “moral courage” used in your post, I did notice red envelopes on your site. I don’t know what red envelopes have to do with economics and markets. Maybe you just feel a strong sense of duty to help the US Post Office by making red envelopes easy to access?? I kind of doubt it. You can’t have it both ways Sir…. but having it both ways is common among certain groups, shall we say??

    My problem with Catholics is not their belief system, but their incredibly condescending, “holier than thou”, hypocritical attitude on certain topics. Including now that we have an extremely intelligent and articulate black man as President, you think America’s moral base has suddenly fallen overnight. When you had President Bush, who was committing torture, raising the debt (and 99% of that is Bush’s mistake and I’ll be happy to show you the numbers if you want to argue THAT ONE), and a huge increase in teen pregnancies, well my guess is you didn’t have so many moral platitudes in your blog posts then…. But again, certain groups want it both ways.

    Again, you’re a good sport and gave a classy reply. I’ll try to let it rest, but I think the red envelopes and the attitude should be a little more humble considering…..

    • LD

      I will not dignify your response with further comment. Refer back to my previous comment……………….and good luck.

      • Ted K

        Thanks for showing all your concern for the sexually abused children.

        • LD

          Ted…..You do not know me. I do not know you. You have NO idea as to how I feel on this topic. You have NO idea as to how I may or may not have engaged people within the church on this topic. I do not need to allow my blog to be overtaken by an entirely separate topic which has nothing to do with this site. I have been more than respectful to you.

          I have provided you plenty of opportunity to discuss ON topic points.

          I have provided you sufficient warning. If you want to persist with your sarcasm and OFF topic points, you can rest assured, your comments will be met with the DELETE button.

          I am sure there are PLENTY of other sites on the internet for you to share your thoughts…..GO FIND THEM……and GOOD LUCK.

  • Sunup

    Larry, your reply to TedK was right on the money.
    I guess he was trying to see how many insults he could get in one post?, said in a humble non condescending manner, of course.
    Typically,and unfortunately these days anyone who criticizes the President is immediately branded racist.
    I believe he is the first to bring up race on this blog.

    Yes,”certain groups” do indeed want it both ways.

  • Bill

    In my opinion term limits at the national
    level would be a good start toward getting
    the country back on a proper track. This
    measure would solve the problem of this
    political mandarin class that rules over
    the rest of us. Mercifully, we’ll be rid
    for sure of some overlords such as Dodd,
    and hopefully the electorate will clean
    some of the other parsites out, but with
    term limits there wouldn’t the necessity
    of a crisis to rid the nation of such
    detritus. Many of them have done nothing
    their entire lives except live off the
    public purse in one form or another.

    • Sean

      I think you’re absolutely right, Bill; whatever happened to the Contract With America? The Gingrich congress came just one or two votes short of overriding Clinton’s veto on both term limits and a balanced budget ammendment. Can you imagine what a different and much-better country we’d be living in today had the Republican congress and Bush passed these two initiatives in 2001 before 9/11? But don’t-worry, I’m-sure the Boehner congress will get right-on that once they take-over in 2011, right? The repubs. talk a great conservative game when they’re in the minority but suddenly seem to change their tune once they gain majority status.

  • Chris

    Why does the USA think it is immune from empire collapse? All great empires thought they were immune to collapse only to have it happen to them—Egypt, Rome, Greece, British Empire, and the Soviet Union. Contrary to what the media and the pundits say—we are not number one anymore. Just look at our systems—education, finance, and health care—they are all corrupt and/or incompetent. Author Tom Woods Jr. put it best—whether a person votes for the democrats or republicans, you automatically get the bailouts and the wars.

    • Sean

      Right-on the-mark, Chris; many people realize this but think it will be a slow decline or that collapse is generations or years away – it’s not. The collapse could very well be months away; the fragile foundation of our economy and currency will-not survive the next financial shock and the current global monetary system is already on its way to being very different from the current construct. The era of the U.S. Dollar as the primary global reserve currency is ending, the dollar will be significantly de-valued in the coming months either by the market or by government decree, and when that happens all-bets are off on what our net-worths will be. Time to stock-up & lock-‘n-load, Chris – get your backyard vegetable garden going this spring; next-summer will be very different than this summer.

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