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The Fall of the American Empire?

Posted by Larry Doyle on March 24, 2010 3:27 PM |

Are we at a crossroads in history? Has America seen its better days?

I am a strong believer in being able to control my personal destiny and try to impart as much on my children and those whom I mentor. America is the greatest nation on earth in which to pursue opportunity. That said, are we a nation in decline? Are too many years with too much debt and not enough moral courage catching up to us? I am seriously concerned that they are.

(Very interesting video clip after the fold)

I see evidence of this reality in the Bloomberg Poll I referenced last evening. Let’s look again at the last two questions in the poll:

The Image of U.S. in Other Countries
A lot better 11%
A little better 16%
Same 19%
A little worse 21%
A lot worse 30%
Not Sure 3%

The Strength of Our Nation
A lot better 7%
A little better 18%
Same 24%
A little worse 25%
A lot worse 24%
Not Sure 2%

I don’t know about you, but the fact that twice as many people view our nation’s image and its strength as worse (if not a lot worse) than the contrary strikes me as very troubling.

This viewpoint is echoed in startling fashion by David Murrin, the Chief Investment Officer of Emergent Asset Management, in an interview earlier today at CNBC. I strongly encourage you to view this 7-minute clip in the context of both healthcare reform that just passed and the previously referenced Bloomberg poll.

I have little interest in standing pat while accepting platitudes and posturing from those in Washington. I have no interest in living in a land which embraces socialism while those in government mortgage my children’s future and diminish my children’s dreams. I cherish the principles of hard work, courage, honor, truth, and integrity. I see very little of these virtues in Washington today. I firmly believe America sees the same at an ever increasing rate.

Listen to the caution promoted by Mr. Murrin. Is America’s day of reckoning approaching? ~LD

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