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No Quarter Radio’s Sense on Cents with Larry Doyle Welcomes Daryl Montgomery

Posted by Larry Doyle on March 7, 2010 8:12 AM |

UPDATE: This episode of NQR’s Sense on Cents with Larry Doyle has concluded. You can listen to a recording of the episode in its entirety by clicking the play button on the audio player provided below. Once the audio begins, you can advance or rewind to any portion of the episode by clicking at any point along the play bar.


Raise your hand if you do not trust Wall Street and Washington.

Raise your other hand if you do not trust the financial media.

Why do I viscerally envision a lot of hands being raised all over America? Because given developments of the last few years, Americans — at an ever increasing rate — are less trusting of Wall Street, Washington, and the media.

What is one to do? Where can one go to embrace honest dialogue focused on real transparency and integrity? You have come to the right place as tonight from 8-9pm ET No Quarter Radio’s Sense on Cents with Larry Doyle Welcomes Daryl Montgomery.

Daryl Montgomery is the organizer of the New York Investing Meetup, a group of 2500 independent investors and traders that provides the public with unbiased economic and market information. The New York Investing meetup has become the largest investing meetup in the world because of its highly accurate and timely predictions, which include the credit crisis was about to blow up in July 2007, a major bear market was about to begin in September 2007 and that a recession was starting in December 2007. The group also called a top in gold and silver in March 2008 and the exact day of the oil bottom in February 2009. You can find out more at New York Investing Meetup, (the group is free to join).

Montgomery writes the popular Helicopter Economics Investing Guide and is one of the originators of the term ‘helicopter economics’. He is a former professor and now uses his research as a full time trader. Montgomery has never worked for nor has any association with the securities industry. This allows him to bring a fresh perspective to market analysis. The slogan for his group is “A profitable alternative to Wall Street hype”.

Daryl Montgomery is currently working on a book on inflation investing.

I truly look forward to this conversation. One of my goals in launching Sense on Cents has been to bring expertise to those who come here and harness the power of the public in the process. This interview with Daryl Montgomery does exactly that.

For our newer readers and listeners, join us live at the BlogTalkRadio (BTR) website tonight at 8pm ET. You can also mix it up in our always energized chat room, which runs simultaneously with the show at the BTR site. As a reminder, all of my radio shows are archived and previous episodes can be listened to right here at Sense on Cents by clicking on the No Quarter Radio tab located under the page header. (FYI, I keep an audio player of my most recent episode in the right sidebar). In addition, all No Quarter Radio programming is available as a free podcast on iTunes. From the iTunes Store, type “NQR podcasts” in the search window.

Please join us and spread the word. Together we can and will effectively navigate the economic landscape.


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