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Democrat Hypocrites on Reconciliation

Posted by Larry Doyle on February 24, 2010 12:04 PM |

This commentary does not meet my expected level of professionalism. I did not properly and thoroughly review and address reconciliation, the nuclear option, and Congressional rules. I owe the readers of this blog better than that.



The political process known as reconciliation has been infrequently utilized in Congressional proceedings. For good reason. In order to maintain proper checks and balances in our legislative procedures, our founding fathers thought it necessary to require a 60% vote in the Senate to overturn a filibuster.

A mere majority vote in the Senate, otherwise known as utilizing the ‘nuclear option‘ or reconciliation, is allowed but typically only utilized for simple procedural measures.

Back in 2005 when President Bush hinted that he would look to use reconciliation for purposes of passing some judicial appointments, the leaders of the Democratic Party had some strong words for George W. and his Republican friends. Truth be told, Bush did use this procedure during his Presidency – although not frequently and not for something as large as healthcare. The Republicans are certainly no paragons of virtue when it comes to legislation.

Let’s watch and listen, though, as the same Democrats who railed on Bush are now positioning themselves to use the same process of reconciliation to restructure one-sixth of our economic landscape, that is healthcare. (Great video clip after the fold)

How long did it take you to say, “What a bunch of hypocritical phonies?” How often did you say it?

When Democrats currently comment that reconciliation exposes the underside of the political process and that it is not pretty but necessary, show them this video clip and ask if they would prefer to be called hypocrites or phonies or both.

If anybody in Washington wonders why America holds them in such disdain, this 4-minute video should answer all their questions.


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