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Thank You, Readers

Posted by Larry Doyle on January 25, 2010 8:37 PM |

I’d like to thank those of you who make purchases through the links we provide in the sidebars here at Sense on Cents.  These purchases help defray the cost of running this blog.

A few months ago, the increasing traffic (that’s a good thing) at SoC warranted an upgrade to a dedicated server. Although the upgrade drastically increased the overhead cost to maintain this blog, I couldn’t be happier with the speedy performance of the page loads . . . and I hope you are, too.

So, to all of you (FYI . . I don’t know who “you” are because purchases are totally anonymous) who help to defray these costs by utilizing the advertising links, I thank you very much.

I hope you enjoy navigating the links while you navigate Sense on Cents.


  • TeakWoodKikte

    First class LD.

    • TeakWoodKikte

      And NO I say, Thank you.

  • TeakWoodKikte

    E-Mails Show New York Fed Lawyers’ Push to Hide AIG Details

    E-mails among in-house lawyers at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York show they worked feverishly in early January 2009 to find a way to keep secret the details behind American International Group Inc.’s $60 billion in payments to counterparties in risky credit default swaps. And, the e-mails show, the lawyers weren’t trying to hide the details just from the public but also from Congress.

    What else went on?

    • TeakWoodKikte
    • Larry Doyle

      TWK…great question. What else did go on? We know that Stephen Friedman, who replaced Tim Geithner as head of the NY Fed waved in a boatload of Goldman stock in what would appear to be a classic case of insider trading.

      Why hasn’t Friedman already been arrested and indicted on this. He was quickly and summarily pushed out the door of the NY Fed. You or I or Martha Stewart engage in that sort of behavior and we’re looking at spending time in the ‘sin bin.’

  • silver

    So LD does that mean if I access by the amazon box on the lower left side of your page, SOC will benefit financially when I make a purchase?

    • Larry Doyle


      Yes it does. Whether Amazon or any of the links, Sense on Cents benefits. We are most appreciative of your support.

      • Pat J

        Good to know LD…I need to pick up Kurt Vonnegut reading

  • Editor, SOC

    If readers have any suggestions for additional product links that may be useful, we are always looking for new ideas. Amazon is, of course, a treasure trove of items. Other product links we are currently displaying in the sidebars: 1StopFlorists, RedEnvelope (great gifts, great service), GiftTree (wide selection of gifts, including food items), and the Wall Street Journal.

    Thank you from the team at SOC!

  • The doctor

    I bought a Kindle jumping directly from your web site last Friday. Glad to support the cause from here in NH!

    • Editor

      So you were the one! Many thanks!!

  • Larry Doyle

    Doctor, doctor… give me the news!!!

    Many thanks!!

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