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Sense on Cents Goes Back to School

Posted by Larry Doyle on January 31, 2010 10:40 AM |

One of my goals at Sense on Cents is to leverage my Wall Street background and experience to help those currently in school gain a greater understanding of the markets and the economy. In addition, I have always garnered great satisfaction in providing mentoring and career advice to students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Why do I raise this topic now? Maybe it is the economy, maybe it is the growth of Sense on Cents, but I have also been receiving positive feedback from people coming to the site from colleges and universities around the country. I am quite pleased by this development and I sincerely hope that students utilize my Career Planning link. The material there has received rave reviews.

Financial Primers (right sidebar), links to Economic All-Stars (left sidebar), and the extensive library that has been created from my writing provides a trove of information for students and others who are interested in more effectively navigating the economic landscape.

For those students visiting Sense on Cents regularly, please share the site with your friends. Please also know that I am always open to presentations and/or conference calls to groups.

If you do not immediately find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to ask.

Collectively, we can all help each other succeed during these challenging times.

Class dismissed.


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