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How Might Washington Respond to a Brown Victory?

Posted by Larry Doyle on January 19, 2010 12:39 PM |

Sense on Cents is not becoming a purely political site.

As we navigate the landscape of our Uncle Sam economy, though, more and more of the twists and turns in our road are impacted by developments in Washington. Given that reality, how will Washington respond if in fact Republican Scott Brown is victorious today in the MA Senate race.

The immediate question is how the administration will address the issue of healthcare reform. Will Obama try to ram this legislation through via the process known as reconciliation? Will the administration try to fast track the Senate’s version of healthcare reform?¬†Will the blue-dog Democrats stand by the administration on healthcare reform and risk the wrath of their electorate back home?

Would the administration dare tell the large pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and healthcare providers that their lobbying dollars are no longer able to buy political influence at the expense of average American taxpayers? Might hell freeze over?

Would Obama use a Brown victory as reason to make personnel changes within his administration? Say good-bye to Tim Geithner perhaps? Would Rahm Emanuel decide to run for mayor of Chicago? Might that decision be made for him?

On the Congressional front, would the Republicans mistakenly view a Brown victory as reason to believe America is endorsing them? If so, I truly believe they are not listening all that closely to what America is saying.

If Brown wins today’s election, I think Washington as a whole would become akin to Manhattan gridlock. With the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid directing traffic, the blue-dog Democrats will move to the center for career survival. The Republicans will stall the Democrats in hopes of gaining more seats in November. Obama will remain tortured by the liberal base of the Democratic party while trying to move to the center as well.

Will anything truly change? Will the American dream continue to move further off into the sunset stifled by the empty promises and unpaid debts of a broken political system?

Where are our real statesmen?


  • fiscalliberal

    Does moving back to the center mean
    more of wall street and more of the
    current health care insurance agencies
    who are not controlling health costs.

    Most of all, I have the feeling that the
    center means more corporate lobby influence.

    We probably need to define what more
    of the center means. We certainly can’t
    say it is more of George Bush Jr. That is the
    cause of this unsustainable disaster

  • Larry Doyle

    Fiscal…you are correct, we know that we do not need more of the corrupt Washington lobbyist practices. Regrettably both sides view those practices as a foregone conclusion and an integral part of the process.

    I do not believe Bush and his cronies were solely responsible for this crisis. There is plenty of blame to go around on both sides of the aisle. The seeds of the housing fiasco were largely laid during the Clinton years and supported by Greenspan’s policies. Te influence of financial deregulation promoted by the Bush administration served to accelarate the inferno smoking beneath the surface.

    I think we need term limits, real campaign finance reform and a legitimate third party.

  • colonial

    Intrade on-line markets, re Likely Winner, last market Brown favored 83%-17% I think “Marcia” Coakley should be proofreading her concession speech right about now

  • Larry Doyle

    We do not need a repeat of Dewey Defeats Truman so here’s hoping Scott has filled the tank in that truck and is continuing to work the polls hard. That said, given the sophistication of exit polling these days and the speed with which information travels, I would guess that the market on Wall Street is very much reflective of the exit polls.

    Thanks for sharing that insight.

    Maybe we get a Brown victory and a good night sleep as well.

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