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Barney Frank Wants to Roll the Dice Back on Sub-Prime Lending

Posted by Larry Doyle on January 5, 2010 4:39 PM |

If you wonder why America is broke, look no further than the individual who wanted to roll the dice on sub-prime lending, that is the Democrat from The People’s Republic of Massachusetts, Barney Frank. In an interview this morning on CNBC, Frank as much admits that maybe sub-prime lending should have been more regulated. Wow! What balls!

America doesn’t need legislators who operate by looking in the rear view mirror. With the sole exception of Frank’s remark in support of auditing the Fed, he offers platitudes that can only be compared to a social misfit. In fact, as I watched this clip, I constantly envisioned Barney collecting tickets and serving soda at a local theatre . . . said with all due respect to ticket takers and soda jerks.

For Barney Frank to effectively absolve himself of the massive and corrupt bankrupting of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae is a sin. For America not to hold him accountable is a greater sin.

This clip runs 18 minutes. WARNING: Barf bags highly recommended!


  • Live Free or Die


    Barney has never taken care of himself physically but in all honesty he looked awful in this clip. Wonder if it is anything more than the flu.

    I agree with you. Why is it that CNBC nor any other outlet does not call him on the carpet for his support of the wayward business practices promoted by F/F?

    Bums like this wouldn’t last more than a year in private enterprise.

  • Always Learning

    I get sick to my stomach when I see Barney Frank babble. Other than Bill O’Reilly tearing him to shreds last year, no one in the MSM has even hinted at Frank’s colossal error to encourage sub-prime lending. I can’t watch the clip, LD. It will make me crazy. I don’t understand how the people of Massachusetts vote him in term after term. They give him permission to plunder this nation.

  • Live Free or Die

    Always Learning….regrettably Barney’s district to a large extent encompasses THE MOST LIBERAL enclave in our country.

  • Southie

    As a MA resident I will readily admit Barney is not only a buffoon but truly an embarrassment.

    His district needs to be redrawn otherwise the only way he’s leaving Washington is….I can’t say it.

    Sorry America.

  • Broke

    Barney must have pictures on somebody. I mean come on. How can this guy keep getting reelected. What is wrong with Taxachusetts that they keep sending this bozo back to Washington.

  • Southie

    BTW…great blog. Keep pounding away.

  • Patriot


    Interesting that a comment at Huffiington Post also compared Barney to a popcorn salesman. Maybe he’s eating more than he’s selling.

  • Bill

    Barney Fraud.

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