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What’s Up with Keith Fitz-Gerald’s Geiger Index?

Posted by Larry Doyle on December 29, 2009 2:54 PM |

Is there a story brewing about the Geiger Index managed by Keith Fitz-Gerald?

I interviewed Keith Fitz-Gerald in November on No Quarter Radio’s Sense on Cents with Larry Doyle. As with all my guests, I make a point of trying to stay on top of stories and developments with all of them. Having spoken with attorneys, former regulators, money managers, and others on and off Wall Street, 2009 has presented no shortage of material.

I have been looking for stories and developments specifically in regard to Keith Fitz-Gerald and the Geiger Index for one very simple reason: a disproportionate number of people coming to Sense on Cents over the last week to ten days have been utilizing search words that do not reflect positively on the Geiger Index.

I am not now nor would I ever pass judgment on any individual or any fund without an honest and transparent review. That said, my antenna goes up when more than a small number of people are searching for information in an admittedly concerned fashion.

Information is everything.

Anybody with pertinent information on this topic one way or the other and willing to share the same, please don’t be bashful.



  • Rich S

    It seems there is a new ad out for the “geiger Index” which is driving this.

    I came here using Google with “Geiger Index” scam.
    The ads seem too good to be true, and I have learned that if it seems too good to be true it always is. so I did a search.

    • Larry Doyle

      Rich S.,

      Wow. Does seem more than a little farfetched. I did interview Keith and he struck me as credible but that means absolutely nothing. I simply delete these types of marketing ploys whenever I see them. Thanks again for sharing the link!!

      • linda jackson

        is this in fact a real site

        • Larry Doyle


          Which site? Sense on Cents or Fitz-Gerald’s site. He has his own website and is also connected to Money Morning.

          • jc

            What a great response to The Geiger Index. I did not sign up but keep getting requests to join in. Guess I just saved $400.00, plus any investment I may have done. Thanks to you all, I agree, with so many of the comments. Stay away folks…

  • rl bohle

    I haven’t read any comments from people who feel they were cheated yet.

  • Daniel Ferg

    I get Money Morning every day, and it is Keith repeatedly bragging about how much gains he’s gotten in the past, and how if you listen to him you will have the same. He somehow always forgets to post some important details, like what company he is talking about. It takes extra googling to find the answer. But he has helped me make a little money in the last couple months.

  • Daniel Ferg

    Too bad it costs $457 for a 6 month trial…

  • newtrader

    I have been trading forex for the past 7 months and lost my butt to say the least. I tried to follow someones supposed perfect market predicing software, as well as daily early morning video confernce calls, that was supposed to turn my very hard earned $3000.00 into hundreds of thousands if a few short months. Well any way I lost all $3000.00. Now looking for a way to recoup with little money left. So I was about to try the Geiger index, but I know little about stocks and options. Any feedback on keiths site would be appreciated before i blow another 457.00, then my last $400 to open etrade account and try his advise.

    • Dean Wood

      What they forget to tell you is after you spend the $457.00 you will need a level 2 screen for options and also another $25,000 minimum. That is what they forget to tell you. I have personally called 4 times asking for someone to call me back and they never have. You want me to spend $57.00 and you will not call me back. That in inself should tell everybody something.

  • bob c

    I joined Keith Fitz-Gerald’s “Microquake in early Dec. 2010 and in 2 weeks lost $700 from his stock pick SPU (symbol). This was followed by his other picks he assured would make “Microquake Millionaires”-BIOS, ABAT and SIHI. All went south until he emails his clients to sell at a loss, so late email readers got a rude awakening when they saw how Fitz-Gerald drove down the stock prices only to have the stocks rebound in a few days. I have been complaining about their tactics since Dec. 2010 and yesterday I contacted the SEC. I’ll keep you all posted, but run like hell from “Money Morning” and its gurus.

  • Veselin Bonev

    If you invent a strategy or index that would bring you millions why would you sell it for less than 500$? He also said it costs much more for investment companies…how would he know if I am an individual trader or and investment company employee?

  • Jean Stephns

    I was sorely tempted to subscribe. After reading these comments, will pass. Thank you for a savings of $457, plus perhaps great losses in their no lose investments.
    Jean Stephens

  • Charles Tighe

    I read his proposal and decided to telephone for additional information and it has been three days now and they have not called yet. I think I will pass on this offer to purchase information.

  • Don Spiegel

    I got his promotional letter today and was considering putting down the $457 since he has a money back guarantee. Then I decided to google the words “Geiger stock scam” and came up with a lot of very discouraging comments. Hence, I am not playing the sucker, thank you very much! Too many people are complaining of losing big bucks on his recommendations.

  • Khalid

    A year ago I joined Keith’s Microquake Millionaires site where he promises to make millionaires out of subscribers in a few months or so with an initial capital of $10,000.

    He sends emails every week instructing member to buy a % of the 10k into one stock and then sell a % of the other.

    I’ve lost about $1,600 or more. So I’ve decided to cancel my membership and get my money back. I did get my money back minus 10% or so, but after half a dozen emails and a lot of time.

    I saw interviews for Keith on the internet and he seemed to be a good person. My experience with him on that specific service was awful.

    I’d like the honest opinion of someone who actually did use the Geiger index and let us know how much money he or she actually made or lost. One feedback Keith posts on his website says that a gentleman named Gerry Lowe made in excess of $1.5 million!


  • David

    I have lost 1200.00 just taking advice on his hot stock pics. Be careful

  • Peter

    His latest advertising is well done and convincing – but not quite. I am grateful for the comments on this site. Now Iknow the truth.

  • MJF

    Thanks to all for the review (s). Normally I would dismiss such “to good to be true” promo stories but because this came from Oxford Club I gave it an complete read. It’s telling that Oxford Club can now be bought to promote such “seedy” scams such as the Geiger Index. Thanks to all

  • MJH

    After paying my $497 (I believe) I was made aware of the full time job associated with this scam if you were to make any money at all. After consulting with E-Trade I was made aware of countless un-ethical practices used by the Geiger Index. I am in the process of securing a refund. Fortunatley I have a few high level law enforcement people who are involved in on-line fraud on my side. I will get mymoney back the hard way or easy way. Run from this scam!!

  • perrala

    I signed up a few weeks ago with a 45 day refund promise. After discovering that I don’t understand what they are telling me about option trading I asked for a refund. They say someone will call me back but hasn’t happened yet. Not the type of company you want to deal with. Find someone that operates an honest business.

  • Connor Winning

    What the frick is the Geiger Index? It keeps asking for my credit card. I don’t want to give it my frickin credit card… I don’t even have a frickin credit card… Dafuq?

  • Ray Galban

    As many of you have admitted, i was also very tempted to shell out the subscription until I fell upon this site after googling “Gieger Index scam”.. Thank you all for sharing and being brave enough to admit your mistakes so the rest of us can avoid same…

    • John Mcdonnell

      I have just saved myself $497 just by reading the above posts thank you readers!

  • Joe Welch

    Thanks for all of the above comments. I’ve subscribed to Money Morning for about two years and have added several of its picks to my portfolio with generally good results. Also take four or five other investment newsletters and try to apply common sense in picking from their recommendations, again with generally good results. The Geiger Index ad I just heard/read was enticing and because I’d come to (sort of) respect Keith Fitz-Gerald I did consider “biting” on this offer. Glad I checked out this site first! Lately, unwilling to spend a lot of time on investing, my strategy has been to invest in solid, high dividend paying stocks and to hold them. It works for me. Keith’s Geiger Index system appears to rely on constant monitoring & action to produce results and this is not something I want to do with my time.

  • DMR

    Thank god for google. I always google an offer and it seems to have saved me a hefty subscription fee at the least.

  • hangemhi

    if any of these services really worked they’d sell them to hedge funds for millions rather than us suckers for a few hundred. MoneyMorning/MoneyMap has so many of these get-rich programs its astonishing. the only one moneymap related one I like is madhedgefundtrader who puts out some free content and has a trade alert service. unfortunately you need to know how to trade options in a sophisticated way to implement what he recommends. his stories and his background are so well written and so intriguing that it reads like fiction – and i haven’t been able to find anything on the internet verifying or not what he says of himself. there are several services i’d subscribe to if i wanted to trade full time – but since i don’t have the time its just wasted money – is a new one (’s author) and onlypricesmatter. All of the above 3 have some free content so i’d recommend reading their sites for a while and still only subscribe to whoever you like best only after you’ve learned how to trade options. but never assume you’re going to make a living unless you’ve got money and time and the intellectual and emotional makeup to do it (not unlike taking up poker/gambling).



  • Red Ruffnsore

    Wow, I just made $457 by not subscribing to this scam. I listened to the entire preview (my God, does that guy ever shut up?) while trying to substantiate the claims with my charting software. Obviously, it was nearly impossible. If you have to rely on some other dope for your stock picks you shouldn’t be investing as an individual. Use a mutual fund. Never rely on anything or anyone’s “advice”. Do your own study and due diligence. There are crowds of “advisors” just waiting to take your money.
    If your giving money away, send it my way. At least I’ll thank you.

  • Sylvia

    I also am trying to find out what ‘Geiger Index’ is. Yahoo Finance doesn’t know the word, nor does Scottrade. Is there such a thing as a Geiger Index? I’ll not pay over $500 for 6 months for a ‘Brooklyn Bridge’ purchase.

  • You could certainly see your enthusiasm in the paintings you write. The world hopes for even more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. At all times go after your heart.

  • Jerry

    How is it that someone like this cannot be arrested?

  • C. A. Lignos

    Thanks to everybody for the info! 31 comments, out of which (approxiamately) 15 negative, 10 outright hostile, 3 neutral and maybe 2 slightly positive.
    I think that this says it all…

  • Paul Edo

    Hi, The Geiger Index (like so many other “100% fail-safe” investments) sounds like a complete and utter scam. And what really annoys me is that in listening to some of these guys speak about their schemes, the blame the “greedy suckers” who sign up, falling for their get rich quick pitch. Often times it is ordinary people trying to better things for their families who are being scammed. Unfortunately few enough of these people appear to get caught or suffer commensurate sanctions.

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  • Jon K.

    I would give them an infinite negative review if I could. I followed their advice and after several months it became clear that I would never even recoup my subscription costs, let alone a decent return on my money. When I called to cancel my subscription, they would not do it. I called my credit card company Discover and they issued my a temporary credit. Thought I would at least get a refund on my subscription cost. However, as Geiger blew them off with no response and the fact that I have taken 5 months to come to the conclusion that I have been defrauded, Discover reversed my credit and blew me off as well. A POX on all those involved at both Geiger and Discover. I intend to post this on every site that I can to try and protect others from being stolen from like I was.

  • nelsarita

    I joined the Geiger index on 03/18/2014. The crux of the offer was promoting that that Keith had worked for companies that developed high volume trading that flooded certain stocks with electronic trades and many times caused a stock to go up or down rapidly. The Geiger index was touted as being able to identify this activity and would provide good times to buy or sell a stock and reap large profits. In fact all the service was, was provide option trades (2 or 3 per month). I called with in the first 30 days to cancel the service and was asked to continue with the service and if my trades for the year didn’t exceed my $1950 annual fee that they would refund this fee. As it is about thirty days from one year from start I called and asked for a refund as I have not come near the subscription cost. I was told someone would contact me the next day. Two days later I received an email asking me why I was asking for a refund. I explained the situation with Kevin G and he told me there was no record of my call and that no further refund would be coming. I asked if the fee paid could be applied to their “High Velocity” package if a refund wouldn’t be honored and he refused to offer that or any other resolution. He said no refunds past 30 days would be allowed. None of their products can provide and results in less that thirty days, so what good are they. My suggestion is to stay away from these products from the Money Map Press, as their products don’t deliver, the guarantees are useless and they conviently lose phone conversations when promises are made. The old adage you get what you pay for in this case there wasn’t anything worth $1950 received.

    • Jerry Koch

      Thanks for saving me a ton of time and money. I’ve been a Money Morning & Money Map Press subscriber for over two years and was really impressed by the “slick marketing and promotional pieces” for the high velocity package @ $1,950.00. However trusting I might be, I always do my due diligence to verify claims made and potential scams. This was a rude and sobering “wake-up call.” Obviously, Keith Fitz-gerald is not the credible investment guru he appears to be…nor are the recommendations of Money Map Press of any value. I will not be renewing my subscription and I will warn others in my circle to steer clear of these scammers. Thanks again!

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