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Bob Rodriguez: The Best Fund Manager of Our Time

Posted by Larry Doyle on December 1, 2009 11:53 AM |

Listening to and learning from the best makes life worth living. The wisdom proffered by giants within their fields is the equivalent of a fabulous dining experience. Well, on that note, get ready to sip of the finest wine and savor the best steak that the financial industry has to offer. What chef is preparing our meal? The best in the business, an Economic All-Star here at Sense on Cents, none other than First Pacific Advisors’ Bob Rodriguez.

Our dining experience with Mr. Rodriguez last June 1st was nothing short of spectacular as he regaled us with his treatise, Reflections and Outrage. Bring your appetite again as Rodriguez was recently interviewed by Consuelo Mack.

Why do I think so highly of Bob Rodriguez? His life story resonates with me. I relish his emphasis on integrity, discipline, balance, history, prudent risk, and differentiating oneself.

This clip runs for 25 minutes. If we embrace the wisdom offered by Bob Rodriguez, the lessons can last a lifetime.

High five to MC for sharing this clip. Please share your thoughts on Mr. Rodriguez’s perspectives. If you like what you taste, in the season of giving, please share it with friends and colleagues. They’ll thank you.


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