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America Speaks, Will Wall Street and Washington Listen?

Posted by Larry Doyle on December 10, 2009 9:38 AM |

In terms of favorability ratings, Congress has almost always occupied the lowest rung on the ladder. Not that Congress is improving much, but Wall Street executives are currently viewed with the greatest disdain, as highlighted in a recent Bloomberg poll contained in the article, Bankers Lose to Congressmen Among Americans Furious Over Pay.  This article and accompanying poll are captivating in terms of capturing the pulse of the country across a wide array of issues.

Is America angry? You bet it is. America realizes that Wall Street ran roughshod over America with regulators either negligent or complicit in the process. Bloomberg offers:

Devin O’Leary, 41, a film critic from Albuquerque, New Mexico, welcomed tougher oversight. “They’ve had little control up to now and if you give a big corporation little control, they’re going to do everything they can get away with.”

Who will hold Wall Street and Washington accountable? America is speaking. Is anyone listening? Will America be heard?

This poll touches on a host of critically important topics including health care, the economy, Wall Street bonuses, President Obama, and more. America is pissed off, in general, and not optimistic about our future. Should we be surprised?

For those who would like to capture a sense of America’s anger, I strongly recommend reviewing the Bloomberg poll:


  • divvytrader

    Huckabee on Fox last night explained it well . Having been a senior level politician , he said the folks in DC simply zone out the rest of ther world . They simply listen to themselves and their fellow subhuman politicians and everybody else disappears .

    Just look at Andy Spano in Westchester County . He believed right up to election night he was winning by double digits . TRhe cases of champagne were on ice . Westchester is overwhelmingly DNC registered . You have to really try to lose as the DNC candidate . He lost by 19% ! He had absolutely no idea how angry people are . Same for Suozzi on Long Island who was being talked about as a future senator or governor . Lost to a complete nobody who was outspent by about 4×1 or so .

    You might see a march on DC to the tune of millions before this is over complete with National Guard protecting the Capital building from the crowds there with nooses and pitchforks before this is over .

    New polls out on Obamacare suggest 61% now oppose it ! Yet liberals in Congress race ahead to pass something / anything as if its of utmost importance . Zero focus on 10% unemployment , trillions getting blown in failed stimulus that can’t possibly be paid back , and Dear Leader pushing for Global Warming madness that would drive thousands more out of work , hurt US business , and further speed up the day to national bankruptcy .

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