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“You Can’t Make a Weak Man Strong by Making a Strong Man Weak”

Posted by Larry Doyle on November 12, 2009 11:42 AM |

Barack Obama would like to think he represents the second coming of Abraham Lincoln. During his campaign and inauguration and now also during his Presidency, Obama and his minions are working to overtake and fundamentally change the structure and fabric of large parts of our economy and nation. He is the President and he has every right and obligation to perform. That said, the American population also has the right and obligation to speak its mind. In regard to the Lincoln comparisons, let’s revisit that later in this commentary.

Those in Washington pushing health care reform would seemingly like to present this situation as being so complex and so convoluted that the American public neither appreciates nor has a choice in the eventual passage of this legislation. I hear time and time again that the government must institute real change and that the government must be the driving force in bringing about that change. Is the American public being prepped to have the largest single government overhaul of a sector representing approximately 18% of 2009 GDP literally rammed down our throats?

While the wizards in Washington pushing this so-called reform seem to believe they know what is in the American public’s best interests, in my opinion they are tone deaf to large segments of the American population.

As I touched upon the other day, proposed health care reform is merely another in the myriad of government redistribution programs. Who gets this? Mike Rogers, Congressman from Michigan (R-MI). He spoke earlier this year about this exceptionally important topic from a macro standpoint. Let’s revisit his comments. Please listen closely. His references to information emantating from the U.K and Canada are chilling to those who have worked hard to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

This video clip runs less than four minutes. The message lasts a lifetime.

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“You can’t make a weak man strong by making a strong man weak”
— Abraham Lincoln

  • zeke

    The thing I find absolutely fascinating is in 25 yrs of rambling around Canada, I’ve never encountered one of these “horror stories”. In fact what I, typically, hear is “what the hell is wrong with you Americans”. I have yet to meet a Canadian that would have our system on a bet. But so much for reality. And if you want to hear horror stories, I can spend a couple of hours telling you tales of my own family’s experiences.

    I am, also, amused by you folks who so adamently defend an institution filled with greed and incompetency. By the way, I worked in health care for 25 yrs and participated in some of the fraud myself. While one could bitch at me, fraud is normal. Everyone does it. And as far as the American people go, the vast majority have little concept of the real issues in health care. You folks make sure of that.

    The present system is destroying countless lives and the steadily increasing costs are breaking the backs of millions. Not so long ago, I was director of a health care organization and told by health insurance reps that I should plan on 10 to 15% increases in premiums as far as the eye could see. Only an American would fail to realize that is unsustainable.

    Nationalized (socialized for the scare tactic people) systems are far more efficient and deliver much better health care. But I assume the World Health Organization, the facts from countries with nationalized care and all those Canadians I’ve talked with are lying. It’s an international conspiracy of misinformation folks!! Or maybe, just maybe, free market systems have some very deep flaws.

    • Larry Doyle

      Thanks for the insights. Perhaps we should just work to clean up all the fraud in the current system and go from there.

  • fiscalliberal

    Larry – Mike Rogers is one district over from where I live and he has been dishing this selective issue pablum out for years. I also know Canadians and they like their system. Recall lately the conservatives of Canada publically challenged this pablum from the right wing.

    Let us remember that the Republicans have had complete Veto proof legisltion for six straight years. Remember the shennanigans of Tom Delay, Duke Cunningham and Terrie Shivo.

    Let us remember the record – Hopeless fraud and failure in prosecuting the Iraq War, Not getting Bin Laden who attacked us on 9/11, defunding the bank regulaters so they cannot do their jobs. Who can argue against this with the antics of Paulson going to the tax payer for a bailout of banking and derivative Casino Gambling. Within six years of the repeal of Glass Steagle, they brought the system down.

    Since Hillary was killed on health care, the health industry has had carte blanch in improving the system. What have we gotten, a uncontrolled cost system which the employers are complaining about. My son in law (90 employee’s) was told by his health care company to expect a 20 to 40 percent increase and his way to cut costs was to do the employee only and let the employee pay for his dependents.

    Our industries are at a competetive disadvantage when competing internationally.

    There are some Republicans of good faith, but Mike Rogers is not one of them. The good Republicans have been hijacked the right wing. They need to get their party back.

  • fiscalliberal

    A more credible information source is the Business Roundtable

    Just released study has the title: New Study Shows Health Care Costs put U.S. Workers at Significant Disadvantage Compared with Global Competitors.

    Go to their website and go to the About / Members list and you will see it is a list of big name american corporations. This is business case which does not support the likes of Mike Rogers.

    We need to get to the facts to make a evaluation of a complex subject.

  • whoisjohngalt

    For all those Canadian Medical Insurance lovers explain this:

    • Always Learning

      I agree! A nationalized health care system may be okay for preventive care . . . but in an acute situation, many Canadian residents seek treatment in the States. They can get an appointment with a specialist in the U.S. much quicker than in Canada.

      • fiscalliberal

        A retired friend of mine who lives near Palm Springs CA goes to Mexico for serious dental work because of cost. It is my understanding that U.S insurance companies send surgeries to Mexico.

        The point is that we can get into tit for tat discussions.

        The key point is that industry has a uncontrolled cost increase comming for health insurance and coverage of dependents will be the responsibility of the employee. We need to understand that the current model is unsustainable, just as the financial fiasco was and it is crashing.

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