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John McCain Gets America’s Rage

Posted by Larry Doyle on November 23, 2009 3:45 PM |

Who does not respect John McCain? Despite what one may think of McCain’s political views, his personal character and courage are unquestioned. His “straight talk express” did not carry him to the White House, but it gained him the respect of many people from both sides of the aisle.

Today, Senator McCain shares a recent experience which highlights the rage boiling in America at this very moment. The Wall Street Journal provides a forum for McCain in a CEO Council Report entitled, “How to Rebuild Global Prosperity.” I thought so highly of this entire report that highlighted it in the Newsworthy section of Sense on Cents.

I thank The WSJ for producing such a comprehensive report, and I welcome sharing Senator McCain’s thoughts and opinions which were included in the Economy and Finance section of the report:

JOHN McCAIN: I’d like to tell you what I think is happening in Arizona and across America.

I have never seen anything like I am seeing in America today. My home state of Arizona is the second hardest-hit state. We have real unemployment around 17%. The level of anger and frustration and the anger is directed at what we do in Washington and what you do on Wall Street.

Every day, I encounter somebody who is a small-business person who not only can’t get a line of credit but they’re losing a line of credit.

Now, you may say that you’re trying to get credit to small business; you may say you’re trying to help small business. I’m telling you, they don’t believe that. They don’t believe that at all.

They’re angry and they’re fed up and they’re going to elect people in 2010—mostly Republicans because it’s a Democrat administration—and they’re going to be protectionist and they’re going to be anti-capitalist and they’re going to want change and they’re going to want regulation and they’re going to enact legislation that is going to be harmful to you.

Our community banks are going under and continue to go under, and people are losing their homes, their jobs.

I had a town hall meeting the day before yesterday in Kingman, Ariz. A young woman stands up, tears streaming down her face. She has two kids; she and her husband lost their job; they’re moving out of their house that day.

I have never seen anything like it. And all I can tell you is that unless something changes pretty quick, you will see an election in 2010, the likes of which we have not seen probably since 1982 or 1994, when there were bigger changes. And this will be bigger than that. So my urgent plea to you is, think of the small-business person who is the engine of the economy, who creates jobs in America, who is literally unable to get a line of credit anywhere.

Is Washington listening? Do they hear this message? Do they have the courage and character to rid themselves of the waste and incest embedded in the political and financial systems in order to help America?


  • HaroldD

    Is this WARMONGER McCain.
    Vietnam WAR vet McCain.

    Let’s revist the Vietnam War, starting with the falsehood of the “Gulf Of Tonkin Incident”.
    ANOTHER forced war, another war predicated on US Government LIES.

    Sorry Vets. Everyone would like to think their life’s energy wasn’t spent in vain. But, Vietnam? Iraq? these were forced by powerful,select, CORRUPT forces in the US.

    Deal with it.

  • TeakWoodKite

    No disrespect intended HaroldD, but what does what McCain said, have ANYTHING to with the Vietnam war?

    LD, I have seen this point, that McCain is making being made from different and unrelated corners of the political and financial spectrum. It is not missed on some of us that there have been more people foreclosed on in the last year than the entire great depression. Still the frog jumped in when the water was cold and I can only hope this will cause the electoratee to cast votes based on electing competent people to office. I won’t hold my breath.

  • HaroldD

    OK, no holding back now, you’ll get what’s on some “average” citizens mind.

    McCain isn’t very bright. Hell, he graduated what? … 2’nd to last in a Annapolis class of 800 ish?

    So his fist achievement was as “cannon folder” in Vietnam. Big deal. Was he actually “saving/serving ” America in any respect?

    Moving on, many years later (having parlayed this POW .. I’m a ‘NAM Vet who dutifully “served” my country thing into political success), McCain actually admitted in front of rolling cameras that he was an economic illiterate. I would say search the Internet for that moment.. only quelle surprise… Corporate owned major “news” organizations have a way of misplacing those embarrassing videos of political heavyweights.

    I see McCain as YET another crony/servant of wealthy interests. After all, he’s married to a woman who inherited $100 million. Senile John McCain can’t even remember how many houses he owns.

    Still, this isn’t a Republican/Democrat thing. That’s just a facade of democray.

    Fact: The U.S. is ruled by an ultra wealthy 1%. McCain,Obama, et al are merely whores to this group.

    Wake UP sheeple and face reality.

    Just in…..Todays News flash: Obama approves endless WAR.
    Didn’t we ALL know this was coming. This kowtowing to the Military Industrial Complex & Wall St. ( And tell me poster “TeakWoodKite …wasn’t it preordained that puppet McCain would support this too).

    Don’t we all KNOW the FED will sacrifice middle America and the USD for the ultra wealthy.

    Open your mind and you’ll see many events happening are tied together. They mainly benefit a certain select wealthy powerful group…with a few scraps thrown to the masses.

    • Larry Doyle

      HaroldD . . . I agree with you on many points here, but the aim of this post is not to praise John MccCain. He was merely the conduit for relaying this one experience in Arizona.

      The point is to highlight the rage, which is very real, that many in America are feeling currently. Thanks again for shedding further light on that topic.

    • TeakWoodKite

      And tell me poster “TeakWoodKite …wasn’t it preordained that puppet McCain would support this too.

      With respect, HaroldD, John McCain is a product of the MIC, as are so many others. I just did not understand, your point. Politicians are rare who are principled. Weather you agree or disagree with their positions, it is McCain, who in this instance, is the messenger. Forgive me but I did not see the relevence other than an indication of “the rage” LD is illuminating. I am fourloughed from my job this week, but Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  • Patrick Johnston

    John McCain elaborated on my biggest fear which is social unrest. It’s difficult to be positive and productive when you are unemployed and at risk of losing your place of residence. When you throw children into the equation there is no limit to the rage and bitterness.

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