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Sense on Cents Week in Review: July 20-24

Posted by Larry Doyle on July 25, 2009 11:41 AM |

If you have to dig for something there is a greater chance of not finding it. In an attempt to lessen the digging and facilitate the delivery of my work here at Sense on Cents, I would like to launch the first of my weekly reviews.

Sense on Cents Week in Review is strictly a descriptive listing of my written work over the course of the last week. Please let me know if you find it helpful and productive. I hope so. With no further adieu . . .

1. Wall Street’s Greatest Fraud, July 20
-Charles Schwab is being sued by NY AG Cuomo over Auction-Rate Securities.

2. Obama Playing ‘Four Corners’ Offense in Budgetball, July 20
-White House delays in releasing updated economic and budget reviews.

3. Tim Geithner: Anything but Transparent, July 20
-Geithner is taken to task by Neil Barofsky, the Special Inspector General overseeing the TARP, for lack of transparency.

4. Detroit Schools: ‘A National Disgrace’, July 21
-Detroit Public Schools are on the verge of bankruptcy. This school system has previously been designated a national disgrace by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

5. Is Ben Bernanke a Grand and Wonderful Wizard?, July 21
-can the Federal Reserve and Fed chair Bernanke manage the economy? Is it time to audit the Fed?

6. Bernanke Promises to Keep ‘Punch Bowl’ Filled, July 21
-Fed chair Bernanke promises to keep short term rates low for an extended period. Market rallies big in the process.

7. CIT-go Into Bankruptcy?, July 21
-despite an emergency financial transaction over the weekend, will CIT still enter into bankruptcy?

8. The King of Wall Street Takes on the Casinos, July 22
-Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock (and Sense on Cents proclaimed King of Wall Street), rails on Wall Street banks for their lack of capital commitment.

9. CIT Gets ‘Don Corleone Financing’, July 22
-the terms of CIT’s emergency financing are released and are reminiscent of those imposed by the Godfather!!

10. Financial Literacy Is the First Step to Financial Independence, July 22
Sense on Cents looks to help people navigate the economic landscape and become more financially literate on the path to financial independence.

11. Are We in the Early Stages of a Depression?, July 23
-a review of a white paper put out by Sprott Asset Management

12. Uncle Sam’s Dirty Little Secret Is Revealed, July 23
-further color on the hundreds of billions in projected losses at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

13. The Relaxation of Mark-to-Market May be Stiffening, July 23
-Bloomberg’s Jonathan Weil addresses a FASB proposal to require fair market valuations of assets held by financial institutions.

14. Daily Market Discipline, July 23
-your host waxes philosophical on the necessity to take a long term, disciplined approach to the markets, economy, and life itself.

15. Wall Street Has a Problem as High Frequency Trading Moves to Main Street, July 24
-STRONGLY RECOMMENDED, this piece addresses the increasingly hot topic of high frequency program trading.

16. Wall Street Supercop, July 24
-what will be the future of Wall Street regulation?

17. No Quarter Radio’s Sense on Cents with Larry Doyle , July 24
-do not miss my Sunday evening radio show as I welcome Dr. Paulo Vieira da Cunha, renowned emerging market economist, of Tandem Global Partners.

18. High Frequency Trading Debate: Mano a Mano, July 24
-Joe Saluzzi of Themis Trading and Irene Aldrich of Able Alpha Trading engage in a heated exchange about the relative merits and ethical nature of high frequency program trading.

I do sincerely hope this compilation of my work over the past week facilitates your ability to easily access issues and topics I considered most interesting. If so, please let me know and share this review with your friends and colleagues.

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Enjoy your weekend and thank you all for your tremendous support.


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