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God Bless America!!!

Posted by Larry Doyle on July 2, 2009 12:59 PM |

I love this blog and the people who come here. Why? Freedom….liberty…pursuit of happiness…

The freedom of speech is one of our greatest liberties. Let us never forget, though, that freedom is not free.

To all those who have served our country, I salute you.

To all those who currently serve our nation as loyal sons and daughters, I commend you.

To all those who cherish the values and principles our founding fathers held dear, I want to walk with you.

As we embark upon the weekend of our nation’s birthday, stay strong and continue to defend our nation as a parent, a son, a daughter, a citizen!!

Our nation has faced economic challenges in the past and survived. The spirit of truly great Americans has been the driving force that has carried us during good and bad times. Now we are called to embrace and personify that spirit. If we let our challenges get the better of us, we will be letting down both past and future generations. Let us collectively make sure to fight the fight that made this country great.

God Bless America!!


  • fiscalliberal

    Larry – interesting article in Financial Times this morning

    ‘Rogue broker’ blamed for oil spike

    Would enjoy your comment on this regarding a broker being able to enable a spike

    • Fiscal…situations like this happen with too much regularity in many sectors of the market. Why and how do they occur. A trader starts out with a position that incurs a loss. Rather than taking the loss the trader doubles down or adds to the position. The loss grows and gets very sizable before management is fully aware. The unwind of the trade causes a big move in the market because the position has grown so large.

      Poor risk management.

      Sorry for the delayed response.

  • TeakWoodKite

    Happy forth all.

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