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Economics Blogosphere Exploding

Posted by Larry Doyle on July 16, 2009 10:41 AM |

Where can one go to truly find out what is going on in the economy and the markets?

More and more people are headed to the internet and the world of blogs. The Wall Street Journal highlights this development today in reporting, The New Stars in the Blogosphere:

Americans trying to understand the nail-biting financial trauma of the past several months are flocking by the millions to a surprisingly lively source of enlightenment: blogs written by economists.

Such blogs are thriving in this recession, driven by intense interest from policymakers, investors, academics and people like Zina Poletz, a Minneapolis public-relations executive who says she had little interest in economics before the financial crisis intensified last fall. “I never thought I’d be sitting up late at night reading what [Federal Reserve chairman] Ben Bernanke thinks, but now I do,” she says.

For many people, economics has never seemed so captivating, or so relevant. The enormous appetite for information and guidance right now is hardly a surprise: Even those with a basic knowledge of supply and demand have struggled to keep tabs on the global downturn.

I sensed this growing demand last Fall while writing at NoQuarter and was driven to launch Sense on Cents as a result. My hopes and expectations in launching this blog have far exceeded my expectations. The gratification stems purely from helping people. As Simon Johnson, founder of Baseline Scenario, a professor at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, and former chief economist of the IMF says:

“I think there’s a big market for explaining to people what the heck is going on in a global context”

I totally concur. I am additionally heartened by this WSJ review because I believe Sense on Cents actually differentiates itself even further given my real world career on Wall Street as a trader, salesman, and sales manager. I am encouraged by feedback from other outlets on the web. Combining economic analysis along with market based instincts hopefully helps people understand the financial landscape along with day to day market movements, on both a macro and micro level.

For newer readers, please avail yourself of the Career Planning material, links to Financial Primers, links to Economic All-Stars (my favorite economists and money managers), and the library of material embedded in my posts (almost 600 highly original and hopefully value-added posts, the bulk of which have been written in the last 5 months).

The WSJ graded a number of blogs in terms of Originality, Geekiness, and Readability. My competitive juices are driving me to be the BEST blog by all these measures.

While selfishly I hope more and more people feel that coming to Sense on Cents provides them truly insightful perspectives on the economy and market, I will let the chips fall where they may and simply focus on putting forth the best product possible.

Please never hesitate to share thoughts, comments, questions, criticisms on any topic. You will be helping me achieve my goal in the process.

I thank you for your support!!


  • gregory orr

    Hi Larry,
    Thanks for the insightful article on the Life Ins co’s. Drawdown of cash value was a factor that never occurred to me…Have been shorting PRU since it was in the 90’s, but haven’t had much luck researching just exactly what they hold in portfolio: comm reo, b-pieces and participation subs, RMBS, CMBS, high-yield corporates…Any suggestions for how to research just exactly what they hold on the books? Funny how little coverage, and how quickly old news, that the life’s took TARP money… Thanks for your good work! G.

    • Larry Doyle

      Gregory…the BEST source for getting information on the insurance industry is A.M. Best.

      Here is a link for receiving a free registration. With that you should be able to access more information than you may be able to process.

      Please let me know if you are successful.

      A.M. Best Member Registration/Login

      • gregory orr

        Thanks so much, Larry. This should be a great help. Best to you and yours,

  • Joe6Pack Investor

    Thanks for the education in “real” finance, been checking your blog (among others) a couple of times a day for months now . . . continue the good posts – from a J6P investor

    • Larry Doyle

      Joe6…happy to help!! Thanks for the plug.

  • Senneth

    Hi Larry,
    I first started reading your blog articles at NQ and found them fascinating. Now I’m a devoted reader of your site. I visit at least once a day and read everything you have written, although I rarely comment. You have been one of the guiding lights to make this economic situation more understandable in laymen’s terms. Thank you for all the work you.

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