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Barney Frank: “…Now They’re Starting to Hate Me…”

Posted by Larry Doyle on July 1, 2009 12:21 PM |

U.S. Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), House Financial Services Committee Chairman

Barney Frank should not be so presumptuous to think that it is just “now” that a large percentage of America is starting to hate him. The displeasure, if not the contempt, for Barney and his minions who have run our country into the ground over the last twenty years is soaring!!

As the Wall Street Journal reports this morning, Finance Lobby Cuts Spending as Feds Targeted Wall Street:

Wall Street’s spending on efforts to influence policy making diminished at the start of this year as the image of financial institutions has suffered with lawmakers and the public. Some of the sector’s major advocate groups lost funding and staff. Their spending declined just as the administration was hammering out its proposal for the biggest reorganization of financial-market oversight since the 1930s, details of which the White House released last month.

Industry lobbyists met last week to craft a response to the White House’s draft regulatory overhaul, particularly its creation of a consumer-oriented regulator for financial products, which could force major changes in how financial instruments are created and marketed. Whether or not the industry can influence this top administration priority, now that the plan is in the hands of Congress, will be a big test of its remaining clout.

The gig is up!!

Washington and Wall Street are finally starting to appreciate that America is getting wise to their incestuous relationship. Washington and Wall street are waking up to the waste that they have made of the American economy. Washington and Wall Street now realize that the mainstream media is being overwhelmed by independent citizens with strong voices demanding to be heard.

While politicians from both sides of the aisle are enmeshed in this incestuous relationship and culpable for our current fiscal condition, in my opinion, no single politician epitomizes it more than the Congressman from Taxachusetts, Barney Frank. Can we ever forget how Barney wanted to “roll the dice” on sub-prime lending? The WSJ reports that Barney told John Courson, new president of the Mortgage Banker’s Association:

“Everybody hates you, and now they’re starting to hate me for hanging out with you.”

Starting? Perhaps Barney believes America is merely “starting” to hate him for hanging out with mortgage bankers but it runs much deeper than that.

America hates all politicians and bankers who have sold out our country.

For those who care to fully understand why and how this level of hatred has gotten to this level, please review:

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BREAKING NEWS 7-1-09 > Barack and Barney did it as Bloomberg just reports, Fannie, Freddie to Refinance Larger Underwater Loans.

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If after all this, the residents of Taxachusetts remain enamored with Barney Frank, on behalf of America make him your own. How so?

Now that Deval Patrick has been exposed as a political lightweight, throw him out and make Barney governor.

You’d be doing America a huge favor.


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